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The Final Act Begins ( (しゅう) (しょう) (かい) (まく) Shūshō Kaimaku?) is the three hundred and sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


All Might continues to sense Izuku Midoriya's conversation with the One For All predecessors, when he is approached by Hawks and Best Jeanist. He tells them Izuku will be up soon as the three go to chat while some of the classmates check in on him. Hawks questions All Might about the connection between One For All and Izuku, because several of the heroes who retired had overheard the name during the battle, mentioned it to the media who has begun spreading it around, and that Endeavor told him that Tomura Shigaraki was targeting Izuku.

The top three heroes hold a conference to the public.

He continues that he wants to know the truth before things get worse, as they now need to worry about fighting both villains and society's expectations of them. All Might, recognizing he can't keep the secret to prevent mass panic anymore, takes them somewhere to tell them everything. Elsewhere at U.A. High School, Principal Nezu sorts out a request for government assistance.

Some of the heroes begin to slowly recover from the war's aftermath.

Three days later, as people continue to feel uneasy, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist put on a press conference to address the public. Endeavor reveals the full truth behind Dabi's confessional of his and his family's past, to mixed results from viewers. Hawks proceeds to clarify to the confused press that despite Best Jeanist's death being faked so he could infiltrate the League of Villains as a spy, all of the rest of the allegations are true. He apologizes for concealing the connection to his criminal father, while also saying he felt he had no other choice but to kill Twice as his Double Quirk would've been too dangerous if left unchecked, and he felt ashamed he wasn't able to properly stop him.

A member of the press confronts the heroes, mentioning how her mother was severely injured in Gigantomachia's rampage, and how so many people have lost their homes and lives because of everything, berating them for not doing more to ease the panic and taking responsibility. Endeavor responds that he knows it is the only way he can properly atone. Best Jeanist adds that due to the significant amount of heroes resigning, it's become harder to protect the public so they have started a plan for help protecting the civilians.

Ochaco saddened at the news of Izuku leaving U.A.

He reveals that U.A. High, and other hero programs will utilize their campuses as evacuation shelters for civilians in need, as the parents' of the U.A. students have already started moving in. The press question whether just living in shelters with no path forward will be of any use, but Endeavor pipes in that it is because of the uncertainty that they must do this, and that everyone's worries should be directed at him, ending with his declaration to "Just watch me."

Despite the ever decreasing amount of heroes, many of them still remained strong ready to stand up and fight, all the while Dabi laughs about how he didn't go "far enough". The press then proceed to ask about what One For All is, which Endeavor simply says he doesn't know, so to protect Izuku and All Might. Back at Heights Alliance, all the members of Class 1-A are surprised by personalized letters from Izuku, confessing the truth behind One For All, how All For One and Tomura are after him, and that he must leave because of it. His class reacts in confusion, while Ochaco reacts in uneasiness.

In April, in an unknown city, a lone and dejected Izuku, wearing braces on his arms and Gran Torino's scarf over his neck, unenthusiastically notices a big villain attacking.

Chapter Notes

  • Prior to their departure, Hawks and Best Jeanist go to All Might to inquire about One For All, after noticing how Tomura targeted Izuku during the Paranormal Liberation War, as well as recollections of several Pro Heroes. All Might decides to divulge them the information.
  • In the present-day, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist hold a press conference.
    • Endeavor and Hawks confirm the suspicion's about their checkered pasts. Hawks apologizes for murdering Twice, with the hero saying it was the only option to prevent the villain from bringing on even more destruction.
    • Best Jeanist hopes to reduce the area that needs heroes' protection in order to make the villain outbreak easier to manage. This would be accomplished by building various evacuation shelters at various government facilities, including U.A. High. Endeavor further iterates that while the situation isn't ideal, this is what is required to find a more clear path going forward.
  • Izuku decides to leave U.A. High.
    • He leaves notes to all his classmates in his absence, revealing the secret of One For All, as well as his connection to All Might.
    • He also reveals that All For One and Tomura will be pursuing him.

Characters In Order of Appearance


  • The lower half of Best Jeanist's face and Kamui Woods' hair are revealed for the first time.
  • Izuku's lines during the last two pages mirror his first lines in Chapter 1, albeit more solemn.
  • Izuku's standing pose at the end of the chapter is similar to Batman's pose when he looks down upon Gotham City.

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