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Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki ( (みどり) () (いず) () () (がら) () (とむら) Midoriya Izuku to Shigaraki Tomura?) is the three hundred and fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The One For All vestiges discuss what could possibly happen if Tomura's evil keeps on growing.

Nana asks Izuku if he can kill Tomura Shigaraki, clarifying it isn't a request, but a question of his resolve. She reminds him of their last interaction and that since all of the inheritor's are connected to his emotions, they could sense that he saw him as someone who needed saving. Daigoro says that he and the other users don't feel the same way, and that even if Tomura is suffering under All For One, that doesn't necessarily mean he would want their help, since even they could see his eyes were still filled with hate.

The first user says that his older brother purposefully raised Tomura this way, and now that All For One has taken over his body and mind, he believes this is part of another plan to claim One For All. Daigoro reveals that All For One had attempted to steal One For All from him and his successor, En, twice, but failed, and that one must have an incredibly strong will and overbearing emotions in order to override the basic principle of One For All, which means All For One is using Tomura's hatred to complete the job. The inheritors tell Izuku that One For All was itself a powerful will meant to resist All For One, and that they have been cultivating it for the specific purpose of destroying him, which All Might succeeded in, but despite all that, he managed to return through Tomura.

Izuku reveals that he felt Tomura's sadness within the latter's heart.

Nana confronts Izuku, confirming to him that Tomura is her grandson, and that the reason he became this way is because she left his father at a young age to fight All For One, feeling all this is her fault. She knows how unfair it is to force this burden onto a young boy, but reminds him that if ‘that thing' ever reaches its potential and becomes the ultimate evil, no one will be able to stop him. She says that it won't be enough to forgive and understand him because some people cannot be saved, and that if Tomura is one of them, a person who looks like they need saving but can't, does he have the resolve to stop him at all cost?

After a moment of silence, Izuku says that when Tomura's conscience manifested in One For All, he felt what he was feeling when he was told to think about his aspirations, and in the deepest part of his mind, he could feel and see the image of Tomura, as Tenko, crying. Izuku admits he has fought many people thus far and it was unavoidable because they never backed down, however also mentioning he never pinpointed what drove them to becoming Villains, and wonders that if he did, maybe things could have been different and their fights could have been resolved another way.

Nana is touched by Izuku's resolve to continue saving people.

He knows that countless people died and many of his precious friends were hurt because of Tomura, but he stands his ground believing that One For All is a Quirk meant to save lives, not kill; that All Might taught him that, and that he and all the other users who have helped grow and cultivate the power, have in the process saved and brought hope to countless people. He understands that while its origins were to destroy All For One, because all of them have risked their lives to maintain the power, its purpose has changed and morphed all this time. He accepts the real possibility that Tomura can only be stopped by killing him, and he doesn't know how he will deal with everything exactly yet, but he still wants to try and save "that little boy", all the while briefly transforming into his child self.

The first user happily accepts Izuku's answer, telling him that he and the others will be there for him, and that he's grateful that he and All Might inherited their power, as he comforts the crying vestige of All Might. He then comforts Nana as she apologizes for testing him like this, telling him to give her best to Gran Torino when he wakes up, admitting that while they made the wrong choice, their successors are determined to make things right. The first user then looks towards the second and third inheritors and asks them to play nice and cooperate with Izuku, as he'll need their help to unleash the Quirk's full power.

Chapter Notes

  • Nana asks Izuku if he can kill Tomura Shigaraki as a means of questioning his will due to how far gone the villain is seemingly from saving.
    • It is revealed that One For All's anti-theft properties can be overridden by someone with strong negative emotions, due to it eating away a potential inheritor's will. The users suspect that All For One has been grooming Tomura's hatred and body to override One For All's will and steal it that way.
    • During the discussion, Daigoro reveals the name of the sixth inheritor of One For All, En, and that prior to the present-day, All For One attempted and failed to steal One For All from them twice.
    • Nana further elaborates on her stance saying that if Tomura isn't stopped, he will become the "ultimate evil" and the damage he could do would be irreversible.
  • Despite the warnings, Izuku says he wants to try and save Tomura. That unlike the other villains he previously fought, Izuku is now aware of Tomura's background, allowing him to empathize with the villain in a way. Izuku even felt and viewed him as a "scared little boy" when Tomura's consciousness invaded One For All.
    • He states that One For All isn't a power meant for killing, something he learned from idolizing All Might. He recognizes that the Quirk was meant to destroy evil and respects the previous wielders, but Izuku feels that in the present-day he can use it for something else.
  • Nana and The First User thank Izuku for sticking to his principles, and the former apologizes for testing him.
  • The First User then asks the second and third inheritors of One For All to turn around and start cooperating with Izuku to help the boy unleash his full potential.

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