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Top Three (トップ (スリー) Toppu Surī?) is the three hundred and third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Rei apologizes for Toya's actions.

Best Jeanist and Hawks walk into Endeavor's hospital room, asking to provide some assistance, to the Todorokis' surprise. As Hawks mentions that he's been gathering up intel since being released, Rei gets on her knees and apologizes for what her son did to him, which Hawks anxiously tells her not to worry about, while Best Jeanist apologizes for eavesdropping.

Hawks notes it was a shock to learn the extent to how far Endeavor's obsession went. He approaches Shoto and asks if his burn mark was also his doing, but Rei jumps in to say it was her, which Shoto sullenly looks on in response. Hawks thinks back to his own family situation, and how he never got to face them and chose to give up and leave them behind, telling Shoto he's a "class act".

Hawks proposes a team-up of the three top heroes.

Hawks proceeds to inform Endeavor about everything that's happened within the past two days: the remaining Paranormal Liberation Front members that are still missing, that over 10,000 convicts were freed from the prisons Tomura Shigaraki and the Nomus broke into, how the Hero Public Safety Commission is currently shut down due to most of its members being dead or in the hospital, that many heroes have retired due to all this, and how citizens taking part in self defense are just wreaking more havoc. He mentions that the government has put in a request aid for Heroes around the world, but due to the Commission's shut down, they're unable to complete the proper paperwork.

After telling him his only option is to fight, Hawks and Best Jeanist gleefully respond that they'll be assisting him as a team-up with the top three, so he and his family don't have to take on the burden alone. Endeavor asks why they would, with Hawks thinking about how he knows things are different now regarding him, and that he wants to lend his full support to anyone trying to do better. Endeavor tearfully accepts their proposal and this new resolve to move forward. Natsuo mentions this is only until they stop Toya, which he agrees.

Hawks gets right down to business, mentioning how due to Dabi's accusation they'll need to put out a statement to the public which he's been working on. However, he mentions one point he's unsure about and wants to learn first, asking Endeavor, "What is One For All?" Fuyumi recalls that when she, Natsuo, and Rei were first entering the hospital, they heard from the surrounding media asking about a mysterious phrase that Endeavor muttered during the battle referencing "One For All", and wondering if it is connected to All For One. As Hawks tells Endeavor he wants to know what it is, he thinks back to the fight with Tomura and how he said he was looking for One For All, remembering Deku saying that there was a chance Tomura was targeting him, and suggests that he might know.

Katsuki having to be carried off by his classmates.

Katsuki Bakugo continues to freak out that Izuku is still unconscious and he's awake, forcing him to be carried off by Tsuyu, Minoru, and Rikido. Tenya and Ochaco reflect on how things are back to normal for Katsuki, as Tenya feared for the worst due to his injuries, and Ochaco feeling irked, adding that Katsuki is noisier than ever. Kyoka arrives to tell Tenya about Fumikage and Denki being cleared for release, and then asks if Izuku's body is okay at least. Ochaco says that's what the doctors said while staring at Izuku's door, feeling worried.

Hawks and Best Jeanist arrive in front of Izuku's room, with the latter exclaiming that Katsuki is all right, and the former asking to speak to Izuku. Tenya mentions that All Might asked to be alone with him for now, causing Hawks to ponder. Inside, All Might sits over the unconscious Izuku, thinking about how he can feel the version of him inside One For All, and that right now, he knows he's talking to the predecessors.

Chapter Notes

  • After having overheard their discussion, Hawks and Best Jeanist approach Endeavor and his family to assist them in tracking down Dabi and reclaiming order in society.
  • Hawks reveals that over 10,000 convicts have escaped due to the prisons freed by Tomura and the Near High-End Nomu.
  • The government has put in for a request aid for heroes around the world, but is currently on hold due to the Hero Public Safety Commission's shutdown.
  • Hawks starts to look into what "One For All" is.
    • It is revealed that Endeavor's mention of "One For All" has spread to the media, with them theorizing its connection to All For One.
    • Endeavor recalls back to Deku being targeted by Tomura, believing he knows the answer.
    • Hawks heads over to talk to Izuku.
  • All Might senses himself within One For All, knowing Izuku is currently talking to the predecessors.

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