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The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 ( () () () (まつ) (ぜん) (ぺん) Hi no Fushimatsu Zenpen?) is the three hundred and first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The first meeting between Enji and Rei.

In the past, a young Enji Todoroki met with Rei's family, the Himura Family. The family member expressed great joy and honor in being reached out to by the man who was said to be the next No. 1 hero. He explained that the Himura Family was also considered a prestigious family so it was only fitting that a man of his accomplishments would take a Himura woman as a wife. Enji said that even though Rei knew this marriage was a Quirk Marriage, she still agreed to it for her family's sake. As the two were walking together, Enji noticed her looking at some flowers, where she tells them that she likes them because of how pretty they are. Enji described Rei as a woman much like ice herself, but she seemed so strong despite possibly melting away at the slightest touch. In the present, Enji asks Rei if she is okay, but she replies that she isn't, but that is why she came.

In another location, Dabi lies on a couch looking at his burned skin and how he can't feel anything. He knew Enji wouldn't die from their fight and he also knew he would have to make some public statement soon too due to his position. He expresses excitement at the look on his face and how long he has waited for it. He tells his family to take a good look at him in the depths of Hell.

Toya still wants to train.

In Dabi's childhood, a young Toya asked his father why he changed his mind about training him even though today was his day off. Enji responded saying it is for his own good, but Toya wasn't pleased. Enji and Rei went to the hospital to discuss their son's condition, where the doctor explains that Toya has inherited an extremely powerful form of Enji's Quirk but he possesses his mother's physical condition, meaning his body is meant to withstand freezing temperatures and not fire. The doctor tells them that this method of 'custom children' is taboo in the current Quirk-based society, so he can't advise it. Enji, however, still felt Toya could surpass All Might, whom he desperately wanted to catch up to.

Later, Toya talked with Fuyumi and told her that he can handle any burns that he suffers, claiming he knows his own body better than anyone. Fuyumi tells Toya that she doesn't like to see him get hurt, but Toya yells that she doesn't understand him because she is a girl. She tells him that she is worried about him but he walks off, saying that his father was the one who lit the fire under him to surpass All Might. That night, Rei tries to tell Enji that the choice he wants to make is too cruel, especially since Toya knows what he wants from his children. Enji tells her that no matter what he says he keeps coming home with fresh burns everyday, lamenting that his son also inherited his stubbornness. He tells her it is the only way to make him give up because he will never be able to surpass All Might.

The ramifications of Shoto's birth.

This would ultimately lead to Natsuo's conception, which made Toya start falling into despair while Endeavor's desire to surpass All Might continued to grow. Eventually, Shoto was born, but Toya struggled to accept that he would be the one to surpass All Might. Dejected, he tearfully trains in a forest with his fire, telling his father to look at him because of how powerful his flames already are even though his father isn't present.

Enji tells Toya to stop because he is covered in burns and tells him to look beyond the world of being a hero and do things like play with his siblings or make friends at school, saying he can understand that and one day it will all be a distant memory. Toya, however, with tears flowing from his eyes, tells Enji that everyone at school wants to be heroes themselves, and he can't understand what it is like to give up because he has him as a father. He lit the fire in him to surpass All Might and it is not going out, just as he calls him by his hero name rather than "father". He tells him to look at him before he charges with his flames activated at his mother carrying an infant Shoto.

Rei tells Enji he can't claim he is hurting more than anyone, but he also wasn't the only one who really didn't see their son.

Chapter Notes

  • More information about the Todoroki Family history is revealed:
    • Rei came from the Himura family who helped arrange the Quirk Marriage with Enji.
    • Enji stopped training Toya after he learned he inherited his mother's resistance to cold and suffered from burns.
      • Toya continued to train on his own even though Enji and Fuyumi told him to stop for his own safety, wishing that his father would value him again.
    • Enji has more kids, Natsuo and then Shoto, in an attempt to replace Toya and make him give up on his obsession.
    • Being replaced seemed to have a very negative impact on Toya's mental and emotional state.
    • Shortly after Shoto's Quirk emerges, Toya breaks down and tries to attack Shoto.
  • The villains' new hideout is shown to be a small manor in the middle of a forest, which used to be the base of operations of the Creature Rejection Clan, before the League of Villains killed their members.

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