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The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 ( () (ごく) (とどろき) くん () 2 Jigoku no Todoroki-kun-chi 2?) is the three hundredth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Wash doesn't arrive in time to prevent a battle between villains and armed civilians.

Urban areas descend into chaos and anarchy as the addition of the escaped villains exacerbate the horrifying destruction from two days ago, with the existence of the Nomu being the final nail in the coffin. As Hawks previously explained to Endeavor, rumors about them had been circulating, and people weren't sure what to believe. The idea of un-canny, not-quite human entities had been gnawing at the minds of the people ever since the first one attacked U.A., and the anxiety and fear they created continued to build up slowly until the dam finally burst.

Thanks to the prison riots, villains, such as the Cider House gang who were previously imprisoned in Shian Prison by Bakugo and Shoto, start stealing whatever they can, causing civilians to try to fight back. Wash hears about their presence and races to the scene, but arrives too late. As it turns out, with the people's faith in heroes shaken, they are trying to take matters in their own hands, but due to lacking the proper training, the number of casualties just increased, and it was happening more frequently, something Re-Destro predicted would happen. A civilian hits Wash with a frying pan for arriving too late, saying that they got caught up in the crossfire even though they were in their houses. Though he is annoyed by this treatment, he nonetheless uses his Quirk to create bubbles to disinfect the wounded for transport to the hospital.

Society is losing faith in heroes.

At the same time, the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha, who had served as a hero ever since his younger days, announces his sudden retirement, claiming that he has no other choice but to resign due to the constant destruction. In reality, he was quitting because the love and respect he gained as a hero was disappearing, and his decision turned several of his fans and other people against him for his cowardice.

This was ultimately the trigger for several heroes to up and quit, as they believed a peaceful society was being all but assured. But now, the meaning of "hero" was being put to the test, and they are now filtering out the ones who cannot do their duties and the ones who are willing to do their duties. With all the chaos rampaging throughout the country, the people were putting all of the blame on one person: Endeavor. Elsewhere, a freed Stain reclaims his weapons, grinning with glee that his dreams are coming true.

"Endeavor is dead".

In the hospital, Endeavor awakens with the doctor informing him that his son and the others have recovered, including himself. He tells him he is rooting for him as he leaves the room. Endeavor sees that he is still alive, and says that Dabi knew he would survive because he knew that is the type of man he is. He acknowledges that he froze up again when his son was in danger, and even though Best Jeanist's presence disproved a portion of Dabi's speech, he couldn't deny the truth anymore: He is paying the consequences for his selfish past and tossing Toya aside, and even if he survived, the name of "Endeavor" is dead. As he starts to cry, he confesses that even though Dabi is a killer, he can't bring himself to fight his own son.

Suddenly, Shoto opens the door but quickly closes it when he sees his father crying. Enji demands he come in and he does, along with Fuyumi and Natsuo, who he asks if they are okay. Natsuo asks why he is crying, and he starts apologizing profusely, saying that his regrets and guilt are too late to matter, but before he can say something about his heart, Rei comes in asking about it herself. She also tells Enji that she and her children have been bearing those feelings of guilt and regret much more than he has. A surprised Enji asks why she is here, and she answers that she wants to talk about their family, and about Dabi.

Chapter Notes

  • The combination of the escaped villains and the presence of the Nomu have resulted in fear growing exponentially throughout the public.
  • The Cider House Gang from the Shian Prison are revealed to be one of the escaped villains.
    • They attack a bar where local civilians fight them back using support items, resulting in even worse damage. Wash arrives too late, and assists in cleanup despite the backlash.
  • The Hero Society is beginning to show signs of collapse.
    • After the heroes were unable to stop the damage done by Gigantomachia, Tomura Shigaraki, and the Paranormal Liberation Front, as well as Dabi's exposure of Endeavor, the public begins to lose faith in heroes and several Pro Heroes are deciding to quit.
      • The No. 9 Pro Hero: Yoroi Musha announces his retirement, receiving criticism for his cowardice.
    • More civilians are relying on self-defense and support items to fight villains rather than alerting heroes. But this unfortunately increases the amount of damage and casualties.
    • An All Might statue has been vandalized with a sign saying "I AM NOT HERE".
    • The status of Endeavor's career and the meaning of "hero" are both put to the test.
  • Stain is revealed to have escaped Tartarus. As he retrieves a new blade, he gloats upon that fact that society is starting to wake up about heroes as he wished for, and he can now presumably resume his "Hero Killer" duty with ease.
    • His fully unmasked face is also shown for the first time.
  • Endeavor wakes up from surgery, breaking down in grief and guilt over Dabi's words and his actions, declaring that "Endeavor is dead".
    • He is approached by the rest of his family, including Rei, who prepare to talk to him about Toya.

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  • The title of this chapter is in reference to the title of Chapter 249.
  • The sketch of Wash is a reference to the Robot Master boss intros from the Mega Man games.

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