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Everyone Is Someone's Hero (きっと (だれ) もが (だれ) かのヒーロー Kitto Daremoga Dareka no Hīrō?) is a one-shot spin-off manga written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama that serves as a prequel to My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and stars Melissa Shield. This was included alongside Chapter 192 in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 35, 2018.

This chapter was later included in Volume 1 of My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, and officially referred to as "Chapter 3.3" of said series.


David and Melissa Shield

David and Melissa learn that she is Quirkless.

David and Melissa Shield are at the hospital where they are informed that the latter is Quirkless. Knowing her daughter's condition, David tries to cheer her up by arguing that even though he has a Quirk, all he can do is bend his fingers a little more than a normal person, so it's nothing great. Melissa tells her father that it's okay, and thanks him.

In the park, a young Melissa reflects on how cool and awesome the Heroes are, because they all have Quirks that they use to save other people. Her friends approach and ask her to play Heroes with them using their Quirks, but one reminds the others that Melissa is Quirkless, so they apologize for being so inconsiderate. Melissa tells them to not worry about that, since they are just playing, so she doesn't mind at all being Quirkless, and she can play with them being the person who needs to be saved.

While playing, she knows that people usually looked at her with confusion and pitied her for not having a special power like them. Although Melissa tries to downplay her condition, in reality she is sad for not having a Quirk like the rest of them. One day, after waking up her father, who had fallen asleep while working on support items, she asks him if he never wanted to be a Hero. He tells her that he never put thought into that, because with his Quirk it would be a quite difficult task; Melissa feels confused by the answer.

Just then, All Might enters their house and greets Melissa, although she, intimidated by his presence, does not know who he is. All Might tells her his name and introduces himself as a Hero from Japan and her father tells her that he is an old friend of his. David explains to her that he had created All Might's Hero Costume years ago, and now he is there to wear a new one he had created for him. Melissa is surprised to see a Hero wearing a Costume made by her father.

At that moment, a person calls David's house alarmed, telling him to run away as soon as possible because a huge tornado has suddenly formed in the town. Without wasting time, All Might goes outside and disperses the tornado with a single and powerful punch, saving the town and its inhabitants.

All Might tells Melissa her dad is a hero

All Might tells Melissa her dad is his Hero.

Everyone praises All Might for saving them. Melissa also congratulates him, and tells him that he is a great Hero. However, she is discouraged by telling him that she is Quirkless, and therefore, she cannot help others like him. All Might interrupts her by telling her that his suit does not have a single scratch despite the disaster, and that is because her father is the only person in the world that can create Hero Costumes suitable for him, and thanks to that, he can stand and move forward to save people. In other words, her father is a Hero to him.

David tells his daughter that he is not a Hero out on the field, but he is able to protect the peace by making support items for the heroes and, in this way, he can also help save people. Hearing these words, Melissa understands that despite not having a Quirk, she can also become a Hero in other ways, and decides to follow in her father's footsteps by creating support items. And in this way, just as her father is a Hero to All Might, she hopes to be someone's Hero someday. While Melissa is encouraged to follow her dream, a young Izuku Midoriya is seen being chased by Katsuki Bakugo using his Explosion Quirk.

Chapter Notes[]

  • David is revealed to have made each Hero Costume All Might wears in the main series.
  • David's Quirk is revealed.
  • All Might inspired Melissa to become a Hero by following her dad's footsteps.

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  • Upon meeting All Might, Melissa breaks the fourth wall by noting that he's drawn so differently.

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