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Entrance Exam ( (にゅう) () Nyūshi?) is the third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku is seen running to U.A., having arrived in time for the Entrance Exam. As he is about to enter U.A., Izuku begins to fall but is saved by a girl's Quirk. The girl wishes him good luck, which leaves him speechless, as he just talked to a girl.

Inside U.A., Present Mic explains how the Entrance Exam works, which begins with a practical test and then afterward a written test saying that their goal in the practical test is to dispatch as many villains (which are actually robots) as they can to earn a high score.

Izuku uses One For All for the first time.

The practical test of the Entrance Exam begins but as it nears the end, Izuku has been unable to dispatch any of the robots. Suddenly, a huge robot appears, and Izuku sees the same girl who helped him earlier trapped under rubble. Izuku, mustering courage, decides to save the girl. Izuku jumps up to the robot and, for the first time, uses One For All and delivers a devastating punch to the huge robot, smashing it into pieces, which shocks everyone. All Might in his true form, who is in the crowd watching, smiles.

Chapter Notes

  • The Entrance Exam begins.
  • Izuku uses One For All for the first time; breaking his legs and right arm in order to save Ochaco Uraraka.

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  • Mario and other characters from the Mario franchise are shown in this chapter while the exam is being explained.

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