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Sounds of Collapse ( (くず) れゆく (おと) Kuzure Yuku Oto?) is the two hundred and ninety-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Spinner questions "Tomura's" change in character.

After the events of Deika City, a Twice Double of Rikiya Yotsubashi continued to live the life as the "President of Detnerat" while the real Rikiya kept up his work with the Paranormal Liberation Front. At the same time as the Jaku Hospital Raid, the Rikiya double accepted a joint venture with the Hero Public Safety Commission, knowing they were suspicious of him but still couldn’t ignore the potential of his products. He uses it as an opportunity for a surprise attack on the building, killing and injuring several members before dissolving away from his injuries, saying that his people desire "order without order", genuine freedom, and that the seeds have already been sown.

Six hours after the attack on Tartarus prison, All For One takes command of a series of emergency aircrafts, which he uses to send the Near High-End Nomus, as well as the escaped prisoners from Tartarus, to attack 7 prisons, including the Shian, Bagu, and Kuin prisons. In the process, prisoners from 6 of them manage to escape, allowing them to run loose making it harder for the authorities to track him.

In their new hideout, All For One in Tomura Shigaraki's body asks the remaining PLF members to watch over his body while he rests. Spinner looks on sullenly at All For One, telling him he’s not the one he chose to follow, but All For One insists he has the best intentions for Tomura’s wishes, and that once his body is perfected, their desires will be achieved.

Shoto's friends offer their support.

Two days later, Katsuki Bakugo wakes up to see Minoru Mineta, Hanta Sero, Rikido Sato, and Toru Hagakure excitingly proclaiming that he’s awake, while he yells at them to tell him what happened, where they tell him that nearly every injured hero in the battle was taken to "Central Hospital", which has cutting edge and top notch medical treatment. Katsuki asks them what happened to everyone else, including Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Shota Aizawa, Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Enji Todoroki.

Gran Torino is shown to be alive and in critical care, same with Shota, with the doctor mentioning that they could’ve ended up much worse if not for those who prioritized their safety. Hizashi Yamada, who is with him, starts to mourn over Nemuri, when Shota asks how the students are doing.

All Might watches over the comatosed Izuku.

Meanwhile Momo, Mezo, Eijiro, and Mina visit Shoto, who sees a huge crowd of people trying to get into the hospital to see his father. His friends try to reassure him, revealing they know about Dabi, as people try to get answers regarding Endeavor's relation to Dabi and what he will do next when he wakes up. Shoto thinks back to when Starservant was arrested and how he claimed Endeavor would bring destruction to everyone. He remembered how Dabi was able to overpower him with his flames, realizing they were full of hatred. He also realizes that he had been watching them this entire time, slowly destroying himself and anyone else who got caught up just to bring down their father. In that moment, Shoto realizes Dabi was him, at least before he chose to accept his fire at the U.A. Sports Festival. He also realizes that Endeavor can't defeat Dabi, he has to. Just then his siblings, Fuyumi and Natsuo come in to the room, where Shoto's friends introduce themselves and explain that Shoto's throat is burnt so he can't speak. Shoto then sees someone else come into the room, which shocks him.

Katsuki gets out of his bed and starts running down the hallway to find Izuku, with his friends trying to stop him. He angrily says that he will kill Izuku if he dies, as the others explain that while everyone is conscious, Izuku is not. He is shown heavily bandaged with All Might by his bedside, with no clear signs of waking up.

Chapter Notes

  • It's revealed that Twice created a clone of Re-Destro to live his public life as Rikiya Yotsubashi.
    • During the raid on the Jaku General Hospital, the clone attacked the Hero Public Safety Commission, telling them that the seeds for liberation have been sown.
  • Six hours after Tartarus was attacked, All For One, the Near High-Ends, and the escaped convicts target numerous prisons around Japan in order to free more convicts. They hijack and make use of Tartarus' emergency aircrafts to accomplish this.
    • Tomura (under control of All For One) is sent back to his original location with the rest of the remaining League of Villains. Having second thoughts, Spinner starts to question if the person he originally followed was still the same. All For One, through his pupil's body, tells Spinner there's nothing to worry about.
  • Two days after the war, Katsuki wakes up from a coma in the hospital, with tremendous relief from his classmates. Katsuki asks them how everyone else is doing.
    • Sorahiko and Shota are recovering, though it was noted that their condition would be much worse if the other Heroes weren't there to take care of them.
    • Shoto is heavily bandaged, and his throat is burnt to the point where he can't speak. With his past revealed to the public, some of his classmates try to comfort him.
      • He reflects on his previous encounter with Dabi, and how the latter's mental state is revolved around bringing down their father. Shoto decides to take it upon himself to deal with his older brother.
    • Enji is currently undergoing surgery. The outskirts of the hospital are being hounded by the media about his connection to Dabi and the current state of the country.
    • Izuku is the only person hospitalized to not show any signs of consciousness. All Might is currently watching over him.

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