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Hellish Hell ( (ごく) (ごく) () (ごく) Gokugoku, Jigoku?) is the two hundred and ninety-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Heroes try in vain to stop AFO.

As "Tomura Shigaraki" escaped the battlefield, the remaining Pro Heroes who survived in the front-line. along with the ones who finished with rescue and evacuation, promptly headed to the front to stop him, which included Pixie-Bob, Present Mic, Wash, and Thirteen. The Near High-End’s distraction tactics ensured that he, Spinner, Dabi, Skeptic, and seven others escaped while three were destroyed.

16,929 PLF members were captured.

Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress, who's being treated for his injuries, however, were detained, while back at the Villa, Re-Destro is seen to have lost to Edgeshot, and Geten's fight with Cementoss ended in a draw. The two lieutenants, as well as Trumpet, along with the Paranormal Liberation Front members that gathered for the meeting below the Villa, and the ones on the front lines were detained.

A collective total of 16,929 people were captured, but Gigantomachia’s rampage allowed 132 to go missing. The other branches were overpowered and their supporters, such as Slidin’ Go, were apprehended. Meanwhile, Ryukyu’s interns report that Himiko Toga had escaped, but no one can pursue her because they need to help the injured.

Destruction is absolute.

In another location, Froppy and Uravity manage to rescue a child and his sister trapped under debris. Froppy notices the child was injured and says they should bring him to a shelter for treatment but Uravity hears that someone else needs help.

Just before she can go, she sees a severely injured man begging for her to save his wife. She manages to find her and reunite her with him before continuing to help others she can find. As she tries to help another person, she overhears a Pro Hero observing all the carnage, saying how he can't take it anymore and should look for a new line of work. Uravity watches in shock.

Class 1-A students mourn the death of Midnight.

According to the reports, Tomura had died when Present Mic destroyed the capsule designed to resuscitate him. The electric shock at the very moment was considered to be so insignificant that even X-Less couldn’t notice it. This means it wasn’t enough to revive Tomura, so what brought him back to life were his dreams and hatred, and it was all because of that so many lives were lost, including Native, Crust, Majestic, X-Less, and Midnight, who was being mourned for by her students.

AFO ordering his Nomu to assault Tartarus.

People all across the country start talking about Dabi’s video, with some wondering if it spells the end of Endeavor’s Hero career and what will happen next. Some think about leaving the country while others hope for an explanation. Only a few believe everything will be okay. At this moment, he and Deku are both being taken in to be treated for their injuries.

That same evening, All For One senses Tomura's body within his cell in Tartarus. Somewhere in the forest, his conscience within Tomura says that he won’t give anyone a tomorrow or rest because it is still his turn, and it will never end. He then orders the Near High-Ends to free his main body.

Chapter Notes

  • The Paranormal Liberation War has concluded.
  • With the fighting over, the students and the remaining Pro Heroes focus on rescuing civilians.
    • One Pro Hero is overwhelmed looking at the aftermath, and says he wants a new line of work. Uravity takes note of this, while simultaneously taking in the aftermath as well.
  • The public comments on the broadcast Dabi made earlier, and wonder how Endeavor will respond. Many think that the latter's career is tarnished.
  • Later at night, in Tartarus, All For One senses Tomura's unconscious body. He commands the remaining High Ends that aided in Tomura's escape and says its time to free his "real body".

Characters In Order of Appearance


  • Dabi's hair is mistakenly shaded black, despite putting on hair dye removal a previous chapter.

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