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Tenacious (しつこい Shitsukoi?) is the two hundred and ninety-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Mr. Compress willing to protect his allies.

Deku hears a voice telling him to "wake up" when he is suddenly jolted awake, still all battered and bruised. He realizes he was knocked out due to Dabi's attack, he looks to see Shoto recuperating on the ground, much to his relief. Suddenly, he starts feeling another sharp pain emerge within his head. He figures that this is "Danger Sense", the Quirk of the fourth One For All user, which he read about in All Might's notebook. Due to being unprepared for it emerging like this, just like with Blackwhip, his senses start to overload his head.

Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables charge toward Mr. Compress, as Lemillion strikes Mr. Compress, which annoys him because he had hoped to use his maimed butt on them. He thinks to himself how he noticed earlier that the mass of Near High-End Nomu moving on Tomura Shigaraki's command, and that if they can wake up him he can call them all toward them and turn the tide of battle.

All For One takes over Tomura's body.

Keeping Lemillion busy, he entrusts Spinner with the role of regaining Tomura's consciousness, while hiding the compressed Dabi and Skeptic within his scarf, reasoning that Spinner is the most devoted to Tomura. Spinner recalls Tomura's conversation with Doctor Garaki about how attaching the hands of his family fed his rage, but also kept him at peace, so finding the burnt remains of his grandmother's hand in his pocket, which he then places on Tomura's face right as Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables are about to grab them.

Tomura finally awakens and uses Radio Waves to blow Lemillion, the cables, and all the other fighting heroes away, while the Near High-Ends turn to face Tomura. However, it turns out to All For One is in command of Tomura's body, commenting how Tomura found such decent allies and that he considers heart to be power, and the more he embraces those feelings, the stronger his hold on him becomes, so he can never let those feelings go. He also mentions how it is possible to send detailed signals to the Nomu through Radio Waves, but would be difficult for someone like Tomura, as they proceed to grab ahold of him and Spinner to make their getaway. Spinner tries to question Tomura about leaving Mr. Compress and Gigantomachia behind, as well as Himiko Toga who hasn't returned yet, but All For One tells him that Tomura has been defeated by Deku/One For All and Endeavor, so he must face those losses for his sake.

Izuku can only watch as All For One escapes in Tomura's body

Best Jeanist, Nejire Chan, Ingenium, and Lemillion desperately try to fight and chase after the Nomu, while Dynamight, Shoto, and Endeavor are all barely able to stay conscious and the remaining pros led by Endeavor's sidekicks head over. Deku uses Blackwhip Froppy Style to jump into the air to confront Tomura/All For One. All For One tells him they will meet again once his body is perfected, using Radio Waves to send him flying away, as Deku screams out to Tomura.

Deku reflects that everything Tomura has done is unforgivable, but as he sees the Nomu carry Tomura/All For One into the distance, he thinks to himself how when he witnessed him being absorbed by All For One in the vestige world, he recognized his face as one who looked like he needed saving.

Chapter Notes

  • Deku unlocks the Quirk of the fourth One For All user: Danger Sense.
  • All For One regains control of Tomura's body, using Radio Waves to call the remaining Near High-End Nomu to allow them, Spinner, Skeptic and Dabi to escape.
    • Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, and Himiko Toga are left behind.
  • Deku faces Tomura/All For One one last time before being blown away, with the All For One in control saying they will meet again.
    • He thinks back to seeing Tomura in the vestige state, being consumed by All For One, and how he looked like someone who needed saving.

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  • In the initial release, Skeptic's marble wasn't shown being given to Spinner. It will be fixed in the Volume release.[1]

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