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Final Performance (ラストステージ Rasuto Sutēji?) is the two hundred and ninety-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The Heroes continue fighting the PLF's remaining forces.

Best Jeanist is confident that the sedative administered to Gigantomachia at this very moment is no coincidence, that it was the efforts of several people that wore him down long enough for the drug to take effect. He cites it as how even the thinnest of threads can weave together a ray of hope, and now he needs one final push. At the same moment, Eraser Head, Mirko, Gran Torino, and Ryuku are being treated for their injuries.

As Best Jeanist tries to restrain Gigantomachia, Lemillion continues his fight with the Near High-Ends. He realizes why the Pro Heroes were struggling so much with them because even though they have simple movements, their speed and strength are off the chart, and concludes that they are as strong as the Nomu from Kyushu, and for everyone to be careful. Ingenium yells to Dynamight that he needs to retreat because of his injuries, something Dynamight is forced to admit to himself, though he and Nejire Chan stand their ground to distract them from Best Jeanist, who plans to start targeting the League of Villains.

Mr. Compress gouges himself to untangle his bindings.

Mr. Compress thinks to himself how due to being all tied up, he's unable to touch the cables to activate his Quirk, and only able to touch his butt. He looks on to see the distressed Tomura Shigaraki, and thinks about how, like Spinner said before, everyone, including Dabi and Himiko Toga, who were brought together by him and told to run amok, haven't accomplished any of their goals yet.

Best Jeanist activates his new Super Move, Blackout Bind, to choke the members of the League in his grasp to knock them unconscious. Mr. Compress manages to speak to Spinner, tells him he loved the League, and to help Tomura, who he sees as the key, as he's about to buy them some time. He utilizes his Quirk on his own butt, gouging out his flesh, which gives his arm enough room to quickly escape and compress Tomura and Spinner and jump his way up Gigantomachia.

Best Jeanist tries to take control of the fibers on his clothes to slow him down, saying that he has no hope of escaping with wounds that fatal, but Mr. Compress continues to use his Quirk to pop off parts of his body, as well as destroying his clothing. A contained Skeptic cries at Mr. Compress to save him too, which he does by compressing him. He starts to think about Oji Harima, the peerless thief, a criminal from the distant past who targeted the goods from false heroes, preaching reformation while giving back to the people on the streets. He remembers being told that their family is all about exposing injustice, with righteous blood running in their veins.

Compress prepares himself for the "final performance".

Shoto tries to execute a Flashfire Fist attack on Dabi, but instead he uses a Jetburn attack on Shoto to knock him out. Dabi says to his unconscious brother that, since Endeavor is currently unconscious, there's no point with continuing the fight if he isn't fully broken. He calls him a masterpiece once again before reuniting with Mr. Compress, who uses his Quirk on him.

Mr. Compress thinks to himself that he now passes the reformation Oji Harima desired off to his boss to carry on in his stead. He declares that he is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima, and that the Bandit King's blood runs through him. Throwing off his mask, he cries that he has saved his best trick for last, as the "first and final escape artist performance of Mr. Compress", and releases Spinner and Tomura right in front of Lemillion.

Chapter Notes

  • Best Jeanist successfully restrains Gigantomachia, and gives credit to the students and Pro Heroes for wearing him down prior, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible.
  • The students' continue fighting the Near High-Ends. Lemillion estimates they're about as strong as Hood. Ingenium advises Dynamight to retreat due to the latter's critical condition. Dynamight stays in order to keep drawing the Near High-Ends' attention away from Best Jeanist, who concentrates on the League of Villains instead of Gigantomachia.
  • Best Jeanist attempts to knock the League out using his new Super Move: Blackout Bind.
  • Mr. Compress maims his own body using his Quirk to escape Best Jeanist's restrains.
    • He compresses both Spinner and Tomura and begins to escape with them.
  • Dabi wins the fight against his brother, Shoto and burns him, leaving him alive, as Endeavor could not see his masterpiece die, due to being knocked out.
    • Compress uses his Quirk to compress Dabi and continues his escape.
  • Mr. Compress reveals that he's the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima, the infamous king of thieves.
  • Mr. Compress escapes on top of Gigantomachia with Spinner, Dabi, Skeptic and Tomura, declaring that it's his greatest performance yet, as Lemillion approaches the Villains.
    • He takes off his mask for the first time, revealing his face.

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