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Hero-Saturated Society (ヒーロー (ほう) () (しゃ) (かい) Hīrō Hōwa Shakai?) is the two hundred and ninety-third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


As Lemillion knocks back the Near High-End Nomu, Deku asks how did he get here. He replies that they received a message about the current situation in Jaku City from the Villa team, so he rushed there at once using his Permeation's special mode of travel, as the villain hideout that was being occupied by the Nighteye Agency wasn't far from there.

Students protect Best Jeanist from the Nomu.

A flashback reveals that the day before the raid, Bubble Girl informed him of the operation and he wanted to take part in it as well. At the U.A. Dorms, he asked Eri to restore his Quirk, knowing how she had been training on bugs and lizards using small amounts of her energy. Mirio apologized for using her like this, but she responded that he doesn't need to, because that's the reason she's been training. As she touches his cheeks, her hands start glowing and his Quirk is returned.

Back to the present, Mirio thanks Eri, but quickly realizes that he still doesn't have enough power to defeat all the Nomu in a single punch, resulting in him screaming for help as the Nomu approach Best Jeanist. Thankfully Ingenium, Nejire Chan, and Katsuki arrive to back him up, with Katsuki thinking to himself that the explosions from the time he saved Deku were stronger, faster and more condensed than his usual ones. He realizes that once he's feeling a sensation of a total crisis, his explosions rise in power.

"Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight!"

After they save the Hero, Ingenium tells Katsuki that he shouldn't have done that, as pushing himself too much could be fatal, while Lemillion asks Nejire Chan if she is okay despite getting struck by Dabi's flames earlier. Nejire Chan says she's alright now that Lemillion has arrived. Best Jeanist asks the falling Katsuki if he's experienced the world, calling him 'Bakugo', but Katsuki replies that that name was only temporary. He reveals that, starting today, his real hero name is "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight".

Best Jeanist thinks that it's a childish name, Ingenium finds it too long, Nejire Chan expresses her disturbance by it, Mr. Compress thinks it's tacky, and Spinner finds it even more tacky. Only Lemillion thinks it's funny, which Dynamight denies saying that there's nothing funny about it. Lemillion replies with his motto, saying Sir Nighteye's words that a world without smiles and humor has no bright future.

As Gigantomachia continues struggling, the heroes continue fighting the Nomu, while Dabi fights Shoto mid-air. He grabs him and tells him how his friends are having fun battling beneath him while he is stuck fighting him and getting hurt. He starts increasing his heat, causing Shoto to express his concern that Dabi is injuring himself, but he replies that he's very happy how his brother was raised with love. He looks at Endeavor, who still has a look of horror on his face, and says that he is excited at the thought that Endeavor is about to see his 'puppet masterpiece' get incinerated by his 'failed experiment'. He asks Shoto what face does he think Endeavor will make once he is dead and prepares to deal Shoto the killing blow.

Endeavor strikes Gigantomachia with a flaming attack.

Suddenly, Blackwhip separates Shoto and Dabi. The villain looks in confusion, as it is revealed that Deku shoot his Quirk from his mouth, a technique he dubs 'Froppy Style'. Dabi, however, unleashes a blast of flames to destroy the Blackwhip, yelling that this is a family affair and he shouldn't mess in it. Deku replies that it is his business because Shoto is his dear friend and Endeavor is his mentor who made him stronger. He agrees that the past can never die, but he has seen how much Endeavor wants to become a better person, and how he wants to watch that. He yells to Dabi that he isn't Endeavor, which seems to help break Endeavor out of his trance.

Dabi retorts that that should be obvious and he should at least pity him because he considers himself the result of an agent of justice doing vile things. He yells that justice is losing and evil is thriving, and all he is doing is pointing out who's responsible for all that. He says that in the upcoming future, heroes' lies and lip-service will be driven extinct.

Deku feels a strange sensation in his head again, and suddenly notices that Gigantomachia is going to breaks free from Best Jeanist's fibers. Before he can do anything, Endeavor uses every bit of strength he has to fly up and knock the giant back knocking himself out as a result. Suddenly, Gigantomachia starts losing strength, much to the lieutenants' dismay and confusion. Lemillion explains that he got a word from the U.A. students about the sedative force fed into the behemoth. It didn't show any effect before, but now the anesthetic finally appears to be working, just as those same U.A. students continue to rally up the wounded heroes back at the Villa.

Chapter Notes

  • Lemillion revealed how he got his Quirk back.
    • It is revealed that Eri has been practicing using her Rewind Quirk by regenerating the lost limbs of bugs and lizards. Mirio, wanting to take part in the upcoming raid, asked Eri if she could help him regain his Quirk. She agrees to it.
  • Katsuki rushes to Best Jeanist's aid. With the combined efforts of Ingenium, Lemillion, and Nejire Chan, who recovered from Dabi's attack, they battle the Near High-Ends.
    • Katsuki arrives to back the heroes up momentarily and reveals that his hero name is "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight". Best Jeanist, Nejire Chan, Ingenium, Mr. Compress, and Spinner react negatively but Lemillion finds it funny.
    • Dynamight's Explosion Quirk has also risen in strength, now he is able to fire faster and more condensed blasts in the shape of four-pointed stars.
  • Deku interrupts Dabi, as the latter was about to kill Shoto, shooting Blackwhip from his mouth, a technique he dubs 'Froppy Style', after how Tsuyu Asui uses her tongue as form of offense.
  • Gigantomachia breaks free from his restrains, only to have Endeavor fly up his face and knock him back, knocking himself out in the process.
    • The anesthetic the U.A. students force-fed Gigantomachia has started working, weakening him.

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  • The initial VIZ release of the chapter had Katsuki's hero name end with "Dynamite". This was changed the following day to the spelling "Dynamight".

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