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Threads of Hope ( (いち) () () (ぼう) たち Ichiru no Kibō-tachi?) is the two hundred and ninety-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Before jumping out of the plane, Best Jeanist watches Dabi's pre-recording and realizes he was waiting to unveil all of this dirty information when the heroes couldn't prevent mass destruction and the people's faith was starting to waiver. He jumps out declaring he won't let Dabi have his way anymore because he will weave a Thread of Hope. Using the many wires he brought with him, he successfully binds all of the League of Villains with his Quirk, including Gigantomachia.

Best Jeanist restrains the League and Gigantomachia.

Katsuki smirks at the thought that Best Jeanist was missing while Dabi is in disbelief seeing him alive since he was positive Hawks brought him a dead body. Best Jeanist declares that Dabi overreached with his ambitions and now he will come apart like inferior denim. Dabi, however, says that even if Best Jeanist is alive, that won't sweep under the rug the Todoroki Family's hard truth. Mr. Compress is surprised that Gigantomachia has been pinned down while Spinner, who was tied up with Tomura, says that his back feels like it is about to crack. Spinner also sees that Gigantomachia has been out of breath since they arrived and after his previous order was issued. He understands that Gigantomachia is a being who can't go all out without receiving orders and desperately tries to wake Tomura up so he can begin the destruction he spoke about. Nejire Chan, meanwhile, tries to strike Tomura, but unfortunately gets blasted by Dabi's flames, much to Shoto and the others' horror. As she falls out of the sky, Dabi tells Endeavor that once again, another child with a bright future has been burnt up by his flames as he breaks free of his restraints. Shoto desperately begs Dabi to stop and Deku tries to get himself to move. Best Jeanist himself starts faltering but tries to stand his ground, refusing to allow the No. 1 Hero to fall here.

Tomura finally manages to wake up and gives Gigantomachia the order to destroy, giving the behemoth a burst of power and causing Best Jeanist to start struggling. Meanwhile with the Pro Heroes fighting the Near High-Ends, half have been reported to be down on both sides while four of them start breaking away and move towards Tomura's position. Burnin sees this coordination and prepares to attack them, but one Near High-End tries to attack her only to be attacked by someone else.

Lemillion makes his triumphant return on the battlefield!

Gigantomachia continues to struggle against Best Jeanist as Shoto clashes with his brother. Shoto reveals to Dabi that one of the villains he sent Endeavor's way nearly killed Natsuo, the one who he claimed he cried to everyday. Dabi, however, merely says it was a shame he didn't die because then Endeavor would have suffered more. An incredulous Shoto asks Dabi if he is insane and Dabi confirms he doesn't feel things anymore. He starts to push Shoto back excited at the thought of finally being able to kill him as Mr. Compress tells Spinner to look behind at the Near High-Ends arriving and aiming for Best Jeanist. Deku also sees this and tries to tell himself to move because he knows if anything breaks Best Jeanist's focus, Gigantomachia will break free. Ingenium manages to catch the injured Nejire Chan as Deku continues to tell himself to move, believing if he uses Blackwhip and Float his busted limbs won't matter. He yells at himself to not be the worthless Deku who can't save anyone and to support Best Jeanist.

All of a sudden, Lemillion arrives, using his Quirk to take out the Near High-Ends approaching Best Jeanist, leaving Deku shocked.

Chapter Notes

  • Best Jeanist ensnares all of the League of Villains with giant thread, including Gigantomachia due to his drop in stamina.
  • Nejire Chan attempts to attack Spinner and Tomura, but is intercepted by Dabi, whose Quirk was apparently activated by Tomura, resulting in her being engulfed by his flames.
  • Tomura instructs Gigantomachia to continue his rampage. Despite the latter's exhaustion, he gains a sudden burst in energy and attempts to break out of his hold.
  • The newly-activated Near High-End Nomus rush away from the other Pro Heroes to aid Tomura.
    • Burnin tries to stop them, but is attacked by a Near High-End. The Near High-End is knocked away by an unknown assailant.
  • Shoto intercepts Dabi, trying to reason with his corrupted brother-turned-villain. Dabi ignores his pleas.
  • The Near High-Ends move in on Best Jeanist to help free Gigantomachia, the former struggling to keep the threads from breaking. A badly-burned Nejire Chan is caught by Ingenium.
    • Lemillion phases from the ground and knocks back the Near High-Ends, fully suited and revealing that his Quirk is active again.

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