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Thanks For Going Strong ( (げん) () でいてくれてありがとう Genkide Ite Kurete Arigatō?) is the two hundred and ninety-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor thought back to the day he learned Toya had died. The day was cold and dry, and it took place atop Sekoto Peak, where he himself used to train. He remembered they told him the fire burned over 2,000 degrees Celsius, and because of that, no body was ever found, assuming his bones were reduced to ash and scattered by the wind. The only piece that was said to be found was a fragment of his lower jaw bone.

Endeavor remembers his time raising Toya.

Endeavor also thought back to when Toya was still young. He noticed a bit of his red hair was starting to turn white, but Toya laughed it off as nothing important while enthusiastically looking forward to learning his ultimate move, which Endeavor looked happy about. He reveals that while Toya didn't harbor his mother's ice Quirk, his firepower was far stronger than his own.

Despite not having the ability to overcome the downside of overheating, he still planned on raising him to be a hero. He still sought a child with Half-Cold Half-Hot, and Rei wanted more children, believing they could encourage each other, which ultimately led to Fuyumi's birth. Sadly, she only inherited Rei's ice Quirk and not his fire, but he was still happy either way, because he felt that since Toya had more potential, he could place all his ambitions on him. Even when his skin started to burn, Endeavor felt Toya could reach his eternal goal, and that all of the darkness he bore inside his heart could have been destroyed by him.

In the present, a dumbfounded Endeavor demands Dabi take back that 'despicable lie', but Dabi retorts that it is the 'despicable truth', and that he never suspected him because he put together an agency of fire and heat type Quirks. On the side, Mr. Compress and Spinner are amazed this is the first time they have heard all of this information from Dabi - Mr. Compress especially, muttering 'there was another with quite the bloodline'. Though they don't join the fight as they are still trying to wake up Tomura so he can give Gigantomachia an order. Instead Dabi continues taunting Endeavor saying he will donate some blood and skin for a DNA test, but it doesn't matter because his own test results are being publicized as they speak.

Dabi reveals a recording of Hawks killing Twice.

In Dabi's pre-recording, he reveals he took a sample of Endeavor's blood after his fight in Kyushu and the DNA test he conducted came back a 99.9% match. He does know, however, that the populace may not be convinced by the words of a Villain so he continues his story claiming Endeavor forced his wife to keep having kids until finally, Endeavor got his masterpiece in the form of Shoto Todoroki, and even then he witnessed him abuse him. Dabi claims that Endeavor has no compassion; at his core he is a man addicted to the limelight and wallows in his own small-mindedness and self-importance, and someone like that is incapable of being a hero.

Hiroshi Tameda, who is watching along with his friend, refuses to believe Dabi's words, saying that the people aren't that stupid to lose their faith in heroes over this. Dabi, however, says that the people around Endeavor are no different, and demonstrates by showing a video of Hawks killing Twice in the Gunga Mountain Villa, claiming he skewered him when he was trying to run away; the video leaves Hiroshi even more horrified. In Jaku City, Skeptic tells Dabi to thank him for splicing and editing the video, which he does since he found it to be so useful. Dabi then reveals something about Hawks to Endeavor through the pre-recorded message, revealing that in order for him curry favor with the League when he was undercover, he supposedly killed Best Jeanist while he was recuperating.

Dabi readies himself to finish off Endeavor once and for all.

He also says that doing such a thing was practically second nature to him, since his father was a serial robber and a murderer that Endeavor captured, and is the reason why Hawks' real name and background was kept secret. Dabi yells he can't stand the Pro Heroes, yelling that they are all twisted people with skeletons in their closets they try to cover with masks of justice, and they continue to fool people that way. He demands the people think critically about the 'heroes' they stand by who use the people to cover their inner dark sides through protection, approval, and admiration.

Best Jeanist reveals himself to be alive.

Hiroshi's friend tells him that by speaking out, Dabi has won, and whether or not he's lying, that is a question for later. Right now, he knows that despite being a Villain, people are going to lose faith in the heroes, and he feels like he's losing faith too. After all, with all the current damage and destruction, someone would have to be stupid not to lose faith. Hiroshi starts crying.

In Jaku, Dabi mockingly thanks Endeavor for going strong up until now as he jumped off Gigantomachia's back aiming for him. Endeavor, still in shock, admits to himself that at the time he kept searching for Dabi, never once thinking he was dead. Shoto, however, tries to get him to protect Deku and the others and worry about the rest later while he and Nejire Chan fight him off. Dabi descends covered in fire as he starts to use Endeavor's Prominence Burn move. Before he can unleash his attack, Dabi finds himself tied up with wires from the sky. He turns to face his assailant and it turns out to be Best Jeanist, who has jumped out of the plane apologizing for the delay and is ready to resume duty.

Chapter Notes

  • The details of Toya's backstory are revealed.
    • Toya was presumed dead after his powers "accidentally" went out of control, and burned to death while training. The only remains recovered were a piece of his jawbone.
    • When Endeavor first discovered that Toya's fire was stronger than his, he dedicated most of his time training him to surpass All Might, despite him not possessing a combination of both his and his wife's Quirks.
    • Rei kept having children with the hopes that they would encourage each other.
    • Due to the intense training he was put under, Toya's skin would start to burn from over use, showing the first instances of Cremation's drawback.
  • Dabi's pre-recorded message continues to play.
    • He shows a DNA test result sheet to his audience to show his genetic match with Endeavor.
    • The video reaches both Fuyumi and Natsuo, the former being notified by a staff member at her school, and latter watching it after a class.
    • Dabi furthers reveals to the public:
      • Endeavor's motives for having children.
      • Hawks' murder of Twice, with the footage spliced and edited in a way to smear the hero's image. He also revealed his "assassination" of Best Jeanist.
      • Hawks' father was a villain who was arrested by Endeavor. His background as well as his real name were kept secret in order to preserve his image.
      • Dabi asserts to the public that all Pro Heroes are self-centered and possess very incriminating secrets, and only take up the profession to cover their past actions.
    • Dabi jumps down to attack Endeavor. Shoto steps forward to engage instead, and asks his father to protect his classmates and the other heroes.
    • Dabi prepares to unleash a Prominence Burn, simultaneously revealing he's learned the Flashfire Fist technique, before being ensnared by Fiber Master.
      • Best Jeanist is revealed to be alive and drops down from the plane along with several massive spools of thread. The Hero says that he is officially back on duty.

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