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Dabi's Dance (ダビダンス Dabi Dansu?) is the two hundred and ninetieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


At Fujitani Hospital, several staff members rush to Rei Todoroki's room to turn off the television, fearful that the broadcast of the latest events in Jaku City will affect her psychologically. In her room, Rei is watching the news when suddenly the signals are hijacked and switch to an unknown channel where Dabi is shown, sitting with his shirt and jacket off, showing the burns on his body.

Gigantomachia arrives on the battlefield and retrieves Tomura.

At Jaku City, All For One comments on Gigantomachia's timing and how Tomura could collapse any minute from his beating from Deku and Endeavor. He was able to activate "Rivet Stab" within his spine with auto-tracking to reduce most of the damage and now all he needs is for him to issue Gigantomachia to retreat with him. Shoto and Nejire Chan continue their attack as Shoto says that it would be impossible to fight both Gigantomachia and Tomura simultaneously, and they should focus on Tomura for now. They unleash their Super Moves on Tomura but Gigantomachia swats them aside with his hand. Ingenium sees this but Katsuki weakly tells him to put him down. He tells him that he can’t because of how injured he is but Katsuki insists on achieving a perfect victory.

Dabi reveals his true identity as Toya Todoroki, the long-lost eldest son of Endeavor.

Gigantomachia brings Tomura close to his back while awaiting his next order as Spinner sees how damaged he is. Endeavor runs over to Shoto and asks if he is alright. At the same time, he internally apologizes to Hawks for Gigantomachia being allowed to move at all. He knows he has to stop Gigantomachia and he needs to find his weakness, but his lungs have burnt away and are making it hard to keep moving, but he feels he must continue. Dabi spots Endeavor and Shoto and greets the two as Endeavor calls him by his name. Dabi, however, asks he not be called that as he pours a liquid on his head, washing off the black coloration on his hair. Dabi then says that he has a more respectable name: Toya.

Dabi's proclamation stuns Shoto and Endeavor, as Dabi says he felt his own family would have been able to recognize him despite his new look. Deku also sees Dabi, remembering when Shoto and Fuyumi told him about his older brother and coming to the realization the two are the same. In Rei’s room, she watches Dabi confess his identity as Toya Todoroki, eldest son of Endeavor. He also confesses that he has killed over thirty people and he wants to let everyone know why. He reveals to several people all across the country that Endeavor has had a long history of being power hungry, and in his despair and desire to surpass All Might, he forcibly married a woman who would birth him a child who would possess an even stronger Quirk. While he was born as a result of his selfish dream, he was deemed a failure and tossed aside.

Dabi reveals everything he's planned from the start of his villain career.

Dabi continues his story to Endeavor, revealing that he watched his activities from afar and that only he should have been pure and selfless, and as of right now, his pre-recorded history is being broadcasted all around the airwaves and the Internet, something Skeptic considers an ace up his sleeve, and how exhilarating it is that his disgraceful fall from heroism has begun. Dabi tells Endeavor that he thought everyday about how he could best ruin his life and make him hurt, even adding that he went to Natsuo everyday asking him why he existed in tears, and how his initial plan was to wait until Shoto became all big and famous before killing him, though he never expected he would ascend to Number 1 in the end.

Dabi confesses to Endeavor that he unleashed Hood in Kyushu, and later Starservant and Ending on him. He tauntingly asks if being Number 1 is a lot of pressure and if his heart has been purified with all of the public’s praise, and if his newfound vigor as a father figure to his children truly makes him feel like he is developing a bond with them. He yells that Endeavor was wrong to think if he kept walking towards the future the past would forget itself, so he is here to teach him that the past never dies. Dabi yells for Endeavor to dance with him in hell together.

Off in the distance, a large plane draws closer.

Chapter Notes

  • Dabi washes off dye from his hair and reveals to Shoto and Endeavor that they're his family.
    • He reveals himself to be Toya Todoroki, Enji's eldest son and Shoto's eldest brother, who was thought to be dead up until now.
    • Dabi also reveals that he set up Endeavor's encounters with Hood, Starservant, and Ending as part of his plan to discredit him.
  • Skeptic broadcasts Dabi's pre-recorded message, in which he reveals Endeavor's abusive past in order to ruin his hero image.
    • The video reaches Rei Todoroki, which worries the hospital staff and surprises her.
    • Hiroshi Tameda, aka the "Can't You See?" kid who idolizes Endeavor is also watching Dabi's message with one of his friends. They both watch in horror as their favorite hero is being exposed.
    • Dabi reveals that:
      • Endeavor desired power and aspired to be the #1 hero for a long time, but All Might was in the way of his ambitions. After seeing the huge gap between his and All Might's power, he became depressed.
      • Endeavor later found another way to outsmart All Might, he forced Rei to marry him in order to pass on stronger quirks to his children via Quirk Marriages, so he can conceive a child with Rei to surpass the Symbol of Peace.
      • Endeavor's training and abuse to his family were for his own selfish ambitions, and Dabi was abandoned and forgotten after being rejected by his father.
      • Dabi overall blames Endeavor, his selfishness, and his abuse for driving him to villainy, his twisted view on heroes, and for the other atrocities he committed.
  • Shoto and Nejire Chan attack Tomura in his weakened state, however Gigantomachia intercepts Tomura and saves him from death, injuring the heroes in the process.

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