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Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away (アケスケちゃんとしまっとくちゃん Akesuke-chan to Shimattoku-chan?) is the two hundred and eighty-ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Several Heroes, including Nejire Chan and Ingenium, make their way to the battlefield as Nejire Chan asks Ingenium why he is coming with the deployed group, as the Heroes that were deployed were ones capable of flight. Ingenium says that he is prepared to accept whatever punishment awaits him for violating orders but the reason he is joining them is because three of his classmates haven't returned and two of them taught him a valuable lesson; they are his dear friends because of it.

Ingenium and Nejire Chan arrive to help the Heroes.

At the battlefield, Shoto catches Deku while still holding onto Katsuki and his father and drops them on the ground with relief that the three of them are still alive. Just as he is about to administer first aid, he, Deku, and Endeavor see Tomura holding his ground with the wires from his fingers and back as All For One tells him to retreat and Tomura retorts he isn't the boss of him.

Then, he gets blasted by Nejire Chan's Wave Motion as Ingenium runs to Shoto reporting that Gigantomachia is making its way to their current location and that they have just informed the Heroes fighting the Nomus. Shoto tells Ingenium to get the injured out of the area as Ingenium sees why they didn't come back before. Nejire Chan sees Ryukyu injured and glares at Tomura, who angrily notices the Heroes popping up like maggots. Deku says he needs to stay close to Tomura because he is still after his Quirk and tells Ingenium to help Katsuki and Endeavor escape, while Shoto tells Nejire Chan that Tomura has no doubt weakened so he thinks they can take him down.

Meanwhile, inside a building, Uravity throws Himiko Toga off of her and she rolls into another room while saying she is much stronger than the last time. Himiko recovers as Uravity tries to think of a way to make direct contact without getting her blood sucked or wasting too much time. When she charges at her, Himiko says to Uravity that when she thinks about the people she loves, it is what makes her want to become them, and the desire to take their blood for herself becomes irresistible to the point she can't hold back anymore. She does know, though, that while she accepts that this is who she is as a person, other people don't think like her and therefore can't accept her, which she cites is the reason she has a hard time living in the current society. She then tells Uravity about her fight with Curious and how she told her she found her "normal" was sad and miserable and attempted to kill her, so she transformed into Uravity and used her Quirk to send her falling to her death, leaving Uravity horrified.

Ochaco wonders why Himiko was suddenly crying during their rematch.

Himiko says that it made her extremely happy when she learned she could use the Quirks of the people she loves, but Uravity strikes her with her wires. Himiko dodges and knocks Uravity back with her needles as she yells that she would never feel happy about dropping someone to their death with her Quirk and demands Himiko explain her reason for talking to her. Instead, Himiko notices something Uravity dropped as Uravity quickly realizes the All Might keychain Deku gave her on Christmas fell out of her belt. Uravity charges at Himiko demanding it back but Himiko runs off with it asking if it is precious to her which Uravity confirms.

Himiko cites how important Twice was to her as she tells Uravity she considers the two of them the same for liking Deku, who she correctly deduces gave Uravity the keychain. Uravity retorts that she has chosen to lock those feelings away as she uses a new Ultimate Move to levitate several objects with her many wires and throws them at Himiko. Himiko, however, tells Uravity that she felt the same way about suppressing her feelings of draining blood since she was told to not do that in her youth, and when you shut your inner feelins inside, it only makes it grow. Uravity tells Himiko that if she is going to live as she pleases hurting people, then she will have to live with those consequences. Himiko gets tears in her eyes and says that she thought so.

The Paranormal Liberation War reaches its climax.

Himiko pulls out several knives preparing to throw them at Uravity, but she is disarmed by Froppy, who managed to locate them. Himiko retreats as Froppy says to Uravity that they should stand back-to-back in the case she aims for their blind spots. Uravity, however, confidently tells her that Himiko just ran off, though she wonders why she had tears in her eyes as she picks up her keychain. As Himiko runs off, she expresses disappointment at her conversation with Uravity and prepares to rejoin the League, having received the answer she was looking for.

As Ingenium, Shoto, and Nejire Chan fight Tomura, Gigantomachia finally arrives carrying the remaining members of the Paranormal Liberation Front on his back, as everyone watches in horror.

Chapter Notes

  • Ingenium and Nejire Chan reach the area where Heroes are fighting Tomura.
    • Tomura is still struggling to get control of his body and decides to continue fighting, while All For One orders him to retreat.
  • Himiko continues her fight with Uravity and gets an answer to her question.
    • Uravity uses a new Ultimate Move called "Zero Satellites".
    • Froppy appears to help out Ochaco, but Himiko disappears and heads back to the League.
  • Gigantomachia finally approaches Tomura's location.

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