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Save Takeo!! ( (たす) () せ!!タケオさん Tasukedase!! Takeo-san?) is the two hundred and eighty-eigth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


A large plane is seen flying to Jaku City as the passenger asks the pilot if they have arrived yet, because he told her to get him there in five minutes. The pilot retorts that if she were Hawks or Mirko she would have, but this is the best she can do. She also tells her passenger to sit down because it is getting dangerous on the ground and his body hasn't fully healed yet. The passenger reminds the pilot that there are still people whose lives are at stake, so his own safety shouldn't be a priority.

The Heroes start mobilizing to confront Gigantomachia, who was heading straight for Nabato City at 100 km per hour while tearing through the buildings as if he was a mole digging through the dirt. They also know that there is an evacuation zone 5 km in the vicinity, and if Gigantomachia continues at his current speed, the Heroes won't be able to keep up. With only eight minutes until he reaches the zone, the Heroes yell that their inability to protect the citizens from Gigantomachia's rampage is their crime and to not let them suffer from their mistake by putting their own lives on the line to protect them.

Spinner tells Himiko Toga to return safely to the League.

Skeptic notices that the Heroes are approaching Gigantomachia from his laptop, to which Mr. Compress says that it is convenient. Skeptic admits that there aren't as many satellites in the vicinity compared to the Villa, but it is still a serviceable amount for him to work with. He says that there aren't as many heroes as at the villa, however it's still something not to be taken lightly. As he starts talking about their strategy for their arrival, Mr. Compress spots something and tells Skeptic to zoom in. It turns out to be Uravity and Froppy moving through the city, and when Himiko Toga sees them too, she runs over to Mr. Compress to give her her gear, which he does. After she puts her gear on, she prepares to confront them, which causes Mr. Compress to try to stop her, saying it is too dangerous. Himiko reminds him that she wants answers to her stifling feelings. Mr. Compress continues to dissuade her and even asks Dabi for help, but he dismisses it and instead tells Skeptic to ready himself, which irritates him. Spinner finally speaks up and tells Himiko that he believes himself and the others to be nothing and that they are strays that just happened to find one another, so she isn't the only one upset about Twice's death. He reminds her that their group was what Twice considered a family, and Tomura would probably like to see them all together. He says that their brand as the Paranormal Liberation Front is to let folks do as they want, but she should come back to them quickly. Himiko smiles at him in gratitude.

Himiko Toga ambushes Uravity from the shadows.

Down on the ground, Uravity reports that she sees Gigantomachia and she wants the evacuation process to be accelerated. She meets up with Froppy, who was helping several people out of a building as she saves her from getting crushed by a piece of debris. Suddenly, an old woman yells out to the two Heroes saying that her husband is still sleeping and he can't move on his own fast enough. Seeing Gigantomachia approach quickly, Uravity tells Froppy to get the civilians in her possession to safety while she helps the old woman. She leads Uravity to an alleyway calling her husband's name. Uravity comments how fast she is running and she says it is because of her love for him. Uravity tells the elder that she will save him, but when she catches up to the latter she is left shocked to learn that it is Himiko Toga who was in disguise.

Himiko slips into a house with Uravity following. After she steps foot inside, Himiko, who was hiding, says she had hoped to talk with Froppy since she considers her a friend, as well as Deku since she loves it when he is injured. She says to Uravity that she likes her too, and asks her what she wants to do with her as she jumps on her with her knife and pins her down with Uravity holding her back. Uravity asks incredulously if Himiko seriously went through all that trouble just to ask her that question, as well as if she stole blood from the woman she was disguised as earlier and if she killed her or not. Himiko is caught a little off guard by Uravity's asking about her question as the young Hero tells her that she wants to save as many people as she can, and if she gets in her way, she will arrest Himiko on the spot. Himiko merely glares at her in response.

Chapter Notes

  • A mysterious person is approaching Jaku City in their plane.
  • Skeptic notes how many heroes are regrouping to confront Gigantomachia, thanks to his satellite image.
  • Transformed into an old woman, Himiko draws out Uravity into a secluded alleyway, where she reveals herself and confronts the latter inside an abandoned house.

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