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Mistake ( () (ちが) Machigai?) is the two hundred and eighty-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Nana Shimura says that she never expected to meet All For One again after her passing. Deku, however, recognizes her and realizes he is currently inside One For All. He is unable to think about the others before All For One directs Tomura's attention to Nana, who he not only confirms is his grandmother, but also dead too.

All For One explains that in the past, there have been stories of people whose personalities changed after an organ transplant. Similarly, he himself experienced dreams where he conversed with the consciousnesses of the people whose Quirks he had stolen, and how it left him with a rather odd feeling of guilt. He does reveal, though, that whenever he relinquished the Quirk, the voice of the person would disappear. It wasn't until meeting Kyudai Garaki that he realized the cause of this bizarre occasion: just like how organs and cells contain the memories of their owners, Quirks contain the consciousnesses of their users own 'individuality' essentially.

All For One admits he thought he was the only one capable of such a feat as Tomura identifies Nana from his memories. He also explains that his younger brother, when his original Quirk merged with the power-stocking one, attained the ability to carry consciousnesses himself. All For One asks Nana if she wants to say hello, and Nana identifies Tomura as Kotaro's son. Tomura however, tells her that no matter how they ended up in this situation, he despises her for his father's actions.

One For All starts to crumble, which All For One attests to Tomura's rage overwhelming the rule of the wielder of One For All's will. He also notices Tomura trying to destroy him as well, which nonetheless thrills him because it suits him as the Symbol of Chaos. The eroding stops as All For One realizes his rage is not enough, as his younger brother, who appeared as well and stopped the eroding, is said to be just as stubborn as himself.

All For One's younger brother asks if Tomura is the next in line of the various people he has manipulated, as All For One confesses he wished he made his brother his. In response, the younger brother declares that he and the others will never go to him because they have chosen to remain with Deku. As he starts pushing back, All For One tries combining his power with Tomura to fight back. He asks his younger brother that he has seen everything from Tomura's eyes and claims that the power is wasted on Deku, claiming he could neither protect friend or teacher and it being the other way around, he gave himself over to rage, and now he can't even move, just squirm and helplessly watch. He declares that transferring this power to someone like Deku was a great mistake on his part.

The younger brother denies this, claiming a man who does nothing but manipulate would never understand the driving force behind Deku. The rage he feels is because of others, and he does his best until he can no more. He declares Deku to be a boy possessed by the desire to save others beyond common understanding, and they will follow him because of it. In a grand explosion, both Deku and Tomura fall away from one another in the sky. Deku realizes Tomura failed to steal One For All, as All For One tells Tomura that the reason why was because his body hasn't fully adapted to his new Quirk. He tells him that his body needs to reach perfection and to retreat, while Deku pleads with Tomura to stop moving.

Gigantomachia continues rampaging to Tomura's location as Dabi learns about Tomura fighting Endeavor. He tells Skeptic to prepare himself because they are about to tear down this 'fake' Hero Society. Mr. Compress notices Himiko Toga looking over the edge of the giant and deduces she is looking for Deku and Uravity because she loves them. Himiko asks Mr. Compress where do Heroes draw the line, because if Heroes are supposed to save people, was Twice not a person in Hawks' eyes? She reveals that she wants to ask Izuku and Ochaco if they will kill her, and depending on the answer, she will be fine.

Chapter Notes

  • All For One's vestige reveals that, like transplanted organs, the Quirks he has stolen hold the previous users' personalities and wills. When he releases them, they disappear.
    • That's the same reason why One For All holders may experience the vestiges.
  • Tomura meets his grandmother for the first time and tells her that he hates her.
  • Even though All For One helps Tomura, they can't steal One For All, as All For One's younger brother appears and tells him that Izuku deserves this Quirk.
    • Tomura isn't able to steal One For All due to his operation being only 75% complete. All For One tells him to retreat and heal for now, and to wait until his body is fully complete.
  • As Gigantomachia rampages through the city, the news of Endeavor fighting Tomura reaches Dabi, as he tells Skeptic to prepare for tearing down the hero society.
    • Himiko wants to personally ask Izuku and Ochaco that if the heroes killing Twice means that they will kill her as well.

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