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The Ones Within Us ( (ぼく) らの (なか) (ひと) Bokura no Naka no Hito?) is the two hundred and eighty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


A shocked Deku watches Katsuki get stabbed by Tomura's wires as the injured hero tells Deku not to play hero all by himself. Meanwhile 'Tomura', says to someone else to 'stop it' as he releases Katsuki, who is quickly caught by Shoto. 'Tomura' tries to speak but someone else, likely All For One, comments on how this fight today has shed a lot of useless blood, but Katsuki's actions he considers the most useless of all.

An enraged Izuku attacks Tomura.

The moment he says that, along with thinking of Eraser Head, Gran Torino, Manual, Ryukyu, and the entire Jaku City having suffered from this fight, Deku snaps. Filled with rage, he bites down on Tomura's wires and angrily demands that he takes back what he said. Meanwhile, Gigantomachia continues his rampage towards Tomura, and as he reaches Sauro City, Osaka Prefecture, he picks up two of his master's scent.

Down in the Jaku Suburban District, the Heroes are told to leave the instructions for evacuating the civilians to the Rescue Team and the Police and to now engage the Villains to stop the enemies advances. Some are told to reach out to the ones fighting Tomura to inform them of this development since long-distance communications are still down. Among those Heroes, Uravity says to herself that the situation isn't improving at all, and ever since the day they met Tomura Shigaraki, it feels like when the sun sets, the shadow stretches even further.

Nana tells Izuku to let the vestiges handle All For One.

Back with the others, Tomura finally touches Deku with Shoto calling out to him in fear. Tomura demands Deku to give him One For All and, all of a sudden, Deku is flung into his mind. He sees Tomura from afar along with All For One, with Tomura demanding he leaves him alone.

All For One says that even if Tomura tells him, had he not taken control he would have been burnt to a crisp, and even if he survived that, a fall from this height would be his end. Tomura tells All For One to shut up and reminds him this was supposed to be his dream. Deku tries to move towards Tomura but instead trips and falls. Someone puts their hand on his head saying that he still can't move in his dream, but they will do something about it. It turns out that person is Nana Shimura.

Chapter Notes

  • Katsuki survives Tomura's attack and is saved by Shoto, who's also holding Endeavor.
  • Deku loses his cool and rips through Tomura's tendrils.
    • Due to this, Izuku manifests Danger Sense for the first time, although he is not aware of this until later.
  • Gigantomachia is already in Sairo City and smells two of his masters, indicating All For One taking over Tomura's body.
    • All the heroes in Jaku City are proceeding to intercept Gigantomachia.
  • Tomura manages to touch Deku's face and attempts to steal One For All.
    • This triggers a vision, in which All For One and Tomura are struggling against one other for control.
    • Nana Shimura appears and tells Izuku that since he can't move in the vision yet, 'they' will handle the situation.

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