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Katsuki Bakugo Rising ( (ばく) (ごう) (かつ) () :ライジング Bakugō Katsuki: Raijingu?) is the two hundred and eighty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Despite the pain, Deku continues his assault on Tomura, striking him with Detroit Smash, Wyoming Smash, and St. Louis Smash. Tomura realizes the damage dealt to him is exceeding his Super Regeneration, and if he doesn't focus on defense he will get blown away. He starts to curse the Heroes for pushing him this far to his limits but stops and says that One For All is just in the way of his dream, a statement Deku says is One For All's purpose before he uses Texas Smash to strike him again. Tomura starts to try to figure out a Quirk to deal with Deku as a result.

Tomura struggles to withstand Deku's full power.

On the ground, Manual says the fight above is incredible, but Katsuki says that Deku will die at this rate. He explains that Deku is using his legs and "Air Force" to avoid the recoil while using multiple Quirks at the same time as well as using every move he has learned up until this point just to keep Tomura in the air, and since he couldn't take him out with the first attack, this battle has become a war of attrition where the two are wearing each other out, and against someone who can regenerate, Deku doesn't stand a chance. Katsuki states that Deku will lose in a few minutes. Katsuki then yells at Shoto asking if he has finished applying first aid, and as he says he is, Katsuki grabs him and his father as he tells him to hold off on the fire until he gets him up in the air and for Shoto to cool him off as long as possible. Endeavor accepts Katsuki's plan. Rock Lock starts to worry if their plan will work, but the minute Shoto tells him to take care of their teacher, he remembers he already acknowledged the children as Heroes.

The three flies into the air as Endeavor tells Katsuki to aim for when Blackwhip is completely extended and when he gets up there, the two need to get back to the ground or they may get caught up in the fire. As they fly, Katsuki thinks back to his talk between him, Izuku, and All Might, and how Katsuki compared Izuku to All For One based on how All For One created One For All in addition to possessing multiple Quirks. This causes Katsuki to believe that One For All is some kind of 'cursed power'. Nevertheless, he couldn't deny all the good it has done in the hands of All Might, and how Izuku was able to fulfill his dream of being a Hero with it.

As the three reach the fight, Endeavor grabs Tomura as he yells for Deku to get down as he incinerates Tomura with Prominence Burn. In Tomura's mind though, All For One extends his hand to him once again and asks for him to lend his body to him. Tomura appears to do so because in the next instant, Endeavor gets stabbed by wires emitting from his back and he wonders why he won't die. 'Tomura' says something unintelligible before firing the wires at Deku, calling him his 'little brother'.

In that moment, completely parallel to what happened back in middle school, Katsuki, without even thinking, pushes Deku out of the way and received the full force of the attack.

Chapter Notes

  • Deku continues fighting Tomura.
    • Deku also uses Texas Smash for the first time.
  • Katsuki forms a plan to help defeat Tomura.
    • Endeavor uses his Prominence Burn on Tomura, which leaves him deeply burned.
  • All For One reaches out to Tomura once again, telling him to lend him his body.
    • Tomura seemingly agrees to that as he shouts about the first OFA user, calling him "Little Brother" while trying to attack Izuku.
  • Katsuki moves in way of Tomura's attack, paralleling the time when Izuku tried to save Katsuki from the Sludge Villain.

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