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Deep Blue Battle ( (ぐん) (じょう) バトル Gunjō Batoru?) is the two hundred and eighty-forth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku jumps into the air with all the Heroes because he knows that if Tomura touched the ground again with Decay, it would result in another wave of mass destruction, so he needs to keep the Villain in the air. He does realize his control over Blackwhip is decreasing, so he releases the Heroes telling them to take care of Gran Torino and the others. Endeavor tells his son to give everyone first aid, while also upset that he isn't up in the air himself fighting against Tomura. Katsuki yells to Deku that he needs to stay away from Tomura, especially now that Eraser Head can't use Erasure now. Deku yells back that he needs to keep Tomura in the air because no one else currently can. Tomura says to Deku that if he likes the sky so much, after he takes One For All from him, he will send him straight to heaven along with everyone else, but Deku yells he won't let him hurt anyone anymore as he drags Tomura closer to him.

As he watches, Katsuki thinks back to Izuku's training, and how All Might asked Hanta Sero, Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui for help with Izuku's training. Izuku explains he wanted help with his new power, though the others point out his hairdo and he explained he played a game with Katsuki revolving around him trying to catch him with Blackwhip and losing every time, which is why he asks Hanta for help because his Quirk, Tape, is similar. Understanding this, Ochaco and Tsuyu join in, while Hanta asks about Shota Aizawa teaching about whips. All Might says to Ochaco that she is here to help him with body control while braking midair, justifying that he needs more power to cover up his practice of using Float. He also says that Shota was still busy at the moment which is why he wasn't present.

As the training begins, All Might sits with Katsuki, explaining how Float is similar to Zero Gravity and this training will help give him some future control, maybe even help him unlock it. After a moment of silence, Katsuki tells All Might he won't be able to keep One For All's secret safe forever, especially since Izuku's Quirk has gone way beyond the scope of super strength. All Might says he isn't telling anyone about anything beyond Blackwhip, and this is so Float doesn't manifest the way Blackwhip did during the Joint Training Battle. He also reminds Katsuki of the night he told him about One For All and how he understood having power like that could put others at risk, since not all those who seek power are evil. After another moment of silence, Katsuki tells All Might that Izuku trusts him with his life, but in the notebook of the successors, he noticed his summary of the fourth was half-finished while including details of the fifth, sixth, and seventh. Not to mention when he brought up the topic of One For All being similar to All For One, he didn't tell him everything. Just as he inquires if he knows something else, All Might quickly denies anything else, not wanting to talk about things he knows nothing about, as he is worried for Izuku, which he notices Katsuki is too.

Katsuki admits that Izuku always thinks about others and not himself, and with all his powers, it made him feel off about him, and because he ignored his own weaknesses, it is what caused him to bully him over the years. All Might says that Katsuki is now sincerely helping him with his training, as if it is his method of atonement, even if Izuku doesn't see it that way. All Might also says to Katsuki that when he compared him to Endeavor, it was based off the change in the two, since Endeavor didn't change his views until he saw his weak form. He believes Izuku and Katsuki will talk about it together someday though.

In the present, Katsuki drags Endeavor into the air telling him to make his last shot count. Meanwhile, Deku continues to drag Tomura with Blackwhip noticing that he is becoming resistant to his 100% attacks yet the damage is sticking as his wounds were healing much more slowly. He does know that using 100% of One For All with his left arm has completely damaged it, but because he knows One For All is a power passed down to fight All For One, he feels it is time for him to release all of his strength and finish Tomura for good, no matter what happens to himself.

Chapter Notes

  • Deku puts all the Heroes he took with him into the air on the ground and starts fighting Tomura.
  • A flashback reveals that he's been training with Hanta, Tsuyu, Ochaco, and Katsuki to harness the Quirks of the previous One For All users.
    • During a talk with All Might, Bakugo reveals that the reason he bullied Izuku is that he didn't understand why he puts others first before himself.
    • In his notes about previous OFA users, All Might has scribbled out the information about the fourth user.
  • Deku has wrecked his left arm using One For All at 100% but seems to be gaining the upper hand against Tomura.

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