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75 (75 75?) is the two hundred and eighty-third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Tomura's body begins to tear.

The students of U.A. watch with complete horror at the destruction left by Gigantomachia, as he finally starts making his way to Tomura Shigaraki. Cellophane asks Tentacole if the Heroes are dead, and he says they are too far away for him to confirm, not that it would have made any difference. Creati knows that the only reason none of them are dead since they weren't considered worthy enemies. It is also revealed that Majestic used his Quirk to help the students get to safety, but not before telling all of them that they all made the right decisions and should never doubt it. In the present, Shemage asks if the sedative they gave to Gigantomachia should be working now as Grape Juice questions if whether or not they did make the right decisions, because from where he is standing, everything has been made worse. At a medical center, Tsukuyomi saves Hawks and three doctors from getting killed by Gigantomachias rush.

Back in Jaku, Kyudai Garaki is arrested by the Police Force, but he continuously yells that had the Heroes not slipped up, Tomura wouldn't have been able to turn the tides by waking up. He also tells the police and Present Mic that Gigantomachia is a calamity that lives and dies for the sake of his master; in fact, the Nomu were modeled after him, because according to Kyudai, a king needs good strong soldiers to serve him, and with Gigantomachia on the move, destruction is inevitable.

Upon unlocking Float, Deku prepares to take down Tomura.

Over at the battle site, Endeavor asks his son where he was and he explains he went to help Ryukyu and the others. He also surrounds Endeavor in ice to help him cool off. At Eraser Head's position, Manual and Rock Lock are trying to stabilize Eraser Head's severed leg as Rock Lock tells Deku, who was also present, to run, but Deku refuses. Tomura then announces it is time for everyone to die just as his body rips and spouts out blood, which Deku takes notice of.

Tomura becomes confused as to where this injury came from considering he can use Super Regeneration again as he asks Deku what today's date is. Deku also realizes that Tomura's body isn't able to keep up with All For One's incredible power, similar to his early experiences with One For All. This is due to Mirko damaging his capsule when he was at 75%. Meanwhile, Ryukyu's sidekick is seen carrying Mirko to safety. Proclaiming that she can survive.

Nevertheless, Tomura's regeneration finally kicks in, and he attempts to use his Decay Quirk again to finish everyone off, but Deku jumped into the air carrying everyone with Blackwhip. Gran Torino realizes that Deku is also using Nana Shimura's Quirk: Float. Deku gets in close to Tomura and declares that he will finish him with everything that he has.

Chapter Notes

  • Gigantomachia begins to lay waste to the cities as he approaches his master Tomura with what’s left of the Paranormal Liberation Front.
    • It's shown that he has defeated every hero that attacked him at the Villa, except for the students, whom were transported to safety by Majestic.
  • Dr. Garaki finds out that Gigantomachia is coming as he is being arrested by authorities due to the fact that he’s his “master”.
  • Dr. Garaki reveals that the Nomu are modeled after Gigantomachia.
  • Tomura's body begins to tear due to his powerful new body being incomplete at 75%.
  • Deku unlocks Float.
  • Gran Torino is revealed to have survived Tomura's attack although he is left severely injured.

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  • This chapter is a reference to two things:

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