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Footfall of Destruction ( () (めつ) (あし) (おと) Hametsu no Ashioto?) is the two hundred and eighty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


"Finally about to clear this stupid game."

Deku notices that Tomura has become more agile, and tries to restrain him as long as he and Ryukyu can so they can help Gran Torino. Tomura manages to pierce Ryukyu's claws with his hand, and the heroine sees that he is holding a Quirk-Destroying bullet between his fingers and warns the others.

Izuku immediately uses his new Super Move: 100% Wyoming Smash to stop Tomura, while Katsuki is able to destroy one of the bullets that he holds in his other hand. However, despite his efforts, Deku is unable to stop Tomura from throwing the bullet at Eraser Head, successfully hitting him in his crippled right leg, all the while Tomura bites down on Deku's arm, believing that there's nothing that can stop him now as long as he keeps his dreams and origin within his heart.

Deku acts quickly to protect his teacher.

Eraser Head notices the bullet in his leg, and thanks Ryukyu since with her previous warning he knows how to handle the situation swiftly and rationally. Eraser Head quickly pulls out his knife and cuts his right leg off before the drug could spread throughout his body; while he also has flashbacks of his time with Eri. Tomura, who is still biting Deku's arm, can't help but think how cool Eraser is by doing that. Nevertheless, he continues to be a problem to him.

Tomura suddenly unleashes a shockwave to break free of Ryukyu's grip and flies straight for Eraser Head, getting rid of Ryukyu and dodging Endeavor's blow. Tomura grabs Eraser Head's face at the same time that Deku manages to catch his legs with Blackwhip. Yelling that he is about to clear this stupid game, Tomura digs his fingers into Shota's face, as he continues to use his Erasure on him.

Deku yanks him back with Blackwhip at the same time Tomura is struck by a pillar of ice from Shoto. Tomura recalls that when he used Search he detected him following Izuku and Katsuki. Then Deku strikes Tomura in the gut and sends him flying back before going over to his teacher. To his horror, he sees that he has closed his eyes due to the wounds that Tomura caused to his face, deactivating his Quirk. As a result, Tomura is successfully able to heal himself with his Super Regeneration, and he looks to the Heroes saying that as much as they delayed it, the only fate that awaits them is total destruction.

Gigantomachia quickly approaching his master's location.

Back in Jaku, Ingenium reports that he can't get in contact with Shoto after he told them he would go get Deku and Katsuki back. Froppy tells him that apparently comm signals are down in a certain area. Just as Uravity says they should go over there, they see the civilians reacting to Daikaku Miyagi's news report about an enormous Villain heading northward through Wakayama Prefecture and Gunga Prefecture from Kyoto straight to Jaku. He also lists several cities they expect he will pass through, which turns out to be a long list. A nervous Uravity asks if the Heroes were supposed to handle the mission at the Gunga Prefecture.

Gigantomachia is then seen approaching a city wearing his lower jaw like a mask.

Chapter Notes

  • Tomura throws the bullet and it hits Eraser Head's right leg.
    • The other bullet gets destroyed by Katsuki.
    • Eraser cuts off his leg before the drug can spread into his body.
  • Deku uses his new Super Move using 100% of One For All, Wyoming Smash, on Tomura, however, he still reaches Eraser Head and grabs his face.
    • Shoto arrives at the scene, protecting his teacher, and sends Tomura flying using his Quirk.
  • Eraser finally closes his eyes, allowing Tomura to regenerate.
  • Gigantomachia is seen rampaging through a city, indicating he's defeated the heroes that engaged him.

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  • The names of the cities listed in the speech bubbles are references to the Star Wars franchise.

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