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Plus Ultra (PLUS (プルス) ULTRA (ウルトラ) Purusu Urutora?) is the two hundred and eighty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Manual and Rock Lock carry Eraser Head to Tomura's current location as the latter tells the former to adjust his water flow accordingly. At the same time, Gran Torino gets on his knees and asks what Tomura just said about Heroes. Tomura tells the Heroes in front of them that he considers Heroes to have only been pretending to protect society, asking how many times in the past have Heroes turned a blind eye to things they couldn't protect or swept the filth of society under the rug, with him thinking about his own childhood experience. He says that rotting feeling accumulates overtime; the trash coddled by being protected all the time and fake Heroes only serving to spoil a pathetic society.

He says that the destruction that follows is a result of the recklessness of the current Hero Society, which is how the filth of society gets cast out, breaks, and retaliates over and over again. He declares this is the dichotomy of Heroes and Villains; something he believes the Heroes are incapable of understanding. Endeavor responds by shooting a blast of fire in Tomura's direction, sarcastically thanking him for his monologue because it gave him some time to cool down. To his shock though, Tomura dodges by jumping into the air, causing Endeavor to question how he can still move.

Gran Torino tackles Tomura to the ground and internally notes that Endeavor's fire has severely weakened, which is most likely due to blowback from using very flashy moves. Tomura turns to face Gran Torino as he tries to jump away. Tomura, however, grabs Gran Torino's left leg and crushes it before slamming him into the ground. Endeavor, Katsuki, and Deku all try to reach him as Gran Torino takes a closer look at the twisted and warped face Tomura had. Gran Torino thinks back to when Nana Shimura left her son at a foster home and how she told him that she made sure he couldn't be traced through the family registry, believing that if All For One ever found out about him, he would most likely exploit that. She says to him and herself that she never had a child, but she slowly starts breaking down into tears as he embraces her to comfort. Gran Torino also thinks about what Tomura claimed his father's words were about Heroes, and after connecting the dots, Gran Torino questions if the choice the two of them made was right as Tomura punches straight through Gran Torino's chest, severely injuring him.

Deku screams in anguish upon witnessing his mentor be pummeled, but when he tries to strike him with Blackwhip, Tomura rushes past both him and Katsuki as he is aiming for Eraser Head. He gets stopped by Ryukyu, who grabs him in her hands as Tomura realizes he is losing stamina. Deku grabs Tomura with Blackwhip successfully and yells at him that he won't forgive him. Tomura, in turn, says that he won't forgive anyone too as he elbows Deku right in the gut. Deku endures it, turning the rage he had towards Tomura into strength for his Blackwhip, which manages to keep Tomura restrained, allowing Katsuki and Endeavor to charge forward. Tomura, however, digs through Ryukyu's hands carrying a couple of Quirk-Destroying Drugs, which the Heroes don't know he has. He then aims for Eraser Head's position as a picture of Eri from Christmas appears.

Chapter Notes

  • Tomura reveals his perspective on how he sees the Hero society as a messed up system, filled with selfish Heroes, that causes those who have been oppressed to become Villains.
    • Tomura's battle injuries and burns also start to give way, with his body beginning to crack and bleed. He is also unable to regenerate thanks to Eraser Head using his Quirk on the villain.
  • Gran Torino is brutally injured by Tomura when the latter punches through his chest.
    • A flashback revealing Nana feeling sadness over sending Kotaro away to a foster home, with Gran Torino comforting her, is shown.
  • Ryukyu grabs Tomura and Deku stops him using Blackwhip, while Endeavor charges up an attack to finish him off.

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