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Red Riot, Part 3 ( (レッ) () (ライ) (オッ) () Reddo Raiotto ③?) is the two hundred and eightieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The students outside the wall of flames created by Dabi try to contact the others, while Emily has Chargebolt resting on her lap, asking if he is okay and apologizing for messing up earlier. Chargebolt responds by saying the lap pillow he has is nice. Cellophane yells if anyone is still in range.

Pinky manages to get past Dabi's flames using Acidman. She tells herself to let her fear-stricken heart melt away as she yells for Gigantomachia to fall asleep. The giant, however, realizes that in order for him to reach Tomura as fast as he can, he needs to shake these Heroes off of him. When he says that though, Pinky stiffens up, and realizes that the monster she is facing is the same behemoth she confronted that day in middle school, and how she collapsed in fear after she chased him away. She briefly imagines herself as a middle school student and ends up losing her grip on the canister of sedative. At the same time, Gigantomachia finally manages to shake Mt. Lady off and flings her to the side, knocking her out.

Gigantomachia also almost crushes Pinky with his hand as he was flinging her off, but she gets pushed out of the way by Red Riot and takes the full force of Gigantomachia's attack. Real Steel arrives to help Pinky escape as he says Mudman is trying to extinguish the fire. He also says he knows Red Riot ran ahead of him.

Gigantomachia puts the League on his back as he believes the 'flies' are no longer around. He then notices Red Riot climbing on his body, as the young Hero announces his name and how he won't let there be any blood. Before he can chuck his canister into Gigantomachia's mouth, Himiko throws a knife at him and shatters it. However, Red Riot managed to grab Pinky's when she let go of it, and throws it into Gigantomachia's mouth, saying he won't let her chivalry go to waste. Lizardy flies in and grabs Red Riot and pulls him away as Gigantomachia comes under fire.

Creati says that now that Gigantomachia has ingested the sedative, they need to make him move around so it will spread faster. She calls out to Majestic and he flies in with several other Pro Heroes to take him on. Gigantomachia says the flies never stop swarming.

Back over in Jaku City, Endeavor tells Tomura that no matter how much power he obtains, the Heroes will never yield to destruction without conviction. Tomura responds by saying to Endeavor that Heroes hurt their families to help others; the exact words of his father, which surprises Endeavor. He says that if that is conviction, then he has it too.

Chapter Notes

  • Gigantomachia realizes he needs to get rid of the heroes before he can go to Tomura.
    • His voice reminds Pinky of their previous encounter, paralyzing her with fear.
    • He throws Mt. Lady aside, knocking her unconscious.
  • Gigantomachia stands up, sending the heroes falling down while holding the Lieutenants in his hand.
  • Red Riot climbs up Gigantomachia's arm and throws the sedative into his mouth, although Himiko throws a knife at it, shattering the canister.
    • However, Red Riot throws a second can, which successfully goes into the giant's mouth.
    • Lizardy saves Red Riot while Majestic and the other heroes arrive and engage Gigantomachia.
  • Back at Jaku City, Tomura's lying beat up, while Endeavor claims that until he has any ideals, he will never win.
    • Tomura tells the heroes that they hurt their families to save strangers, saying that's what his father told him.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Red Riot ( (レッ) () (ライ) (オッ) () Reddo Raiotto?) but was amended in the volume release.
  • This chapter formerly shared its title with chapters 144 and 145, although it's worth mentioning that they are split into two parts where this chapter was singular.

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