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Strats, Strats, Strats ( (さく) (さく) (さく) Sakusakusaku?) is the twenty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Before the Human Cavalry Battle begins, Shoto explains to his teammates (Tenya, Denki, and Momo) their formation and what role they will play. When asked if he will be using his ice and fire to feint attacks, Shoto replies that in combat he will never use his fire Quirk.

The Human Cavalry Battle begins with many teams targeting Team Midoriya. Team Tetsutetsu and Team Hagakure attack but Team Midoriya escape their attack with Fumikage's Dark Shadow, Ochaco's Zero Gravity, and Mei's Hover Boots. Team Tetsutetsu attacks again but Fumikage blocks them off with Dark Shadow. Suddenly, Team Mineta attack as well, forcing Team Midoriya to retreat. Katsuki appears and tries to attack Izuku, but Fumikage's Dark Shadow blocks his Explosion.

Katsuki's team (consisting of Eijiro, Hanta, and Mina) arrive and Hanta uses his tape to reel Katsuki into the formation. Katsuki's headband is suddenly swiped by a Class 1-B student called Neito. Neito explains that his class was observing Class 1-A during the Obstacle Race and used their observation to their advantage for the Human Cavalry Battle. Neito then insults Katsuki, telling him that it must be sad to be a villain's victim every year. Absolutely enraged, Katsuki tells Eijiro that they are changing plans; before they get to Izuku they will deal with Neito first.

Izuku says to his teammates that things should be easier now. But he is proven wrong when Team Todoroki confronts them, with Shoto declaring that he will be taking Izuku's 10 million point headband.

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