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League of Villains Vs. U.A. Students ( (ヴィラン) (れん) (ごう) VS (ブイエス) (ゆう) (えい) (せい) Viran Rengō Bui Esu Yūei Sei?) is the two hundred and seventy-ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The students manage to momentarily trap Gigantomachia.

Mudman uses his Quirk to soften up the ground as part of Lizardy appears behind him telling him to get back because Gigantomachia is close enough now. Mudman asks her if Phanthom Thief's group is safe, but Lizardy tells him they can't focus on them now, even though she is worried about them too.

All the students receive a message that blue flames were seen bursting off Gigantomachia's back, suggesting the League of Villains is riding on his back. They are also told that normally, the sedative they have all been handed would have to be injected via syringe. However, due to Gigantomachia's sheer size, they will require up to 30 L of sedative and they will have to administer it orally because his tough-looking body may make it hard to use a needle on. They decide that each student will receive the same amount of sedative, so if one person can chuck it into his mouth, he should fall asleep. Some students are worried about Midnight, but they have to press on.

The League of Villains ambushed by U.A. students.

Mt. Lady continues to hold onto Gigantomachia while yelling at Kamui Woods to wake up. Gigantomachia does eventually step into the students' trap, which was several chords covered in Grapejuice's orbs, and he falls to the ground. The students charge at him with Vine wrapping around Gigantomachia's neck with her Quirk and the other power Heroes holding him down via cables. The Villains notice them as several charge at them from behind. Earphone Jack tries to attack with her Amplifier Jack, but Dabi blasts them with his flames, causing her to retract it. Chargebolt covers the Villains feet with his discs at a distance they won't hurt his other friends present, but because Emily fired him at a bad angle, he gets hit with debris from Mr. Compress that he shot out of his prosthetic. The students all charge at him to give him the sedative, but one breath from the titan blew them all away. Dabi then burns the area around them, burning up Shemage spores and keeping the students away.

Mina breaks through the wall of fire!

Dabi explains that Gigantomachia has a Quirk that lets him convert energy during battle to an increase in body size, and a Quirk that lets him block out pain, and various other Quirks that are perfect for long periods of fighting, everything to make him the perfect bodyguard. To make matters worse, Dabi blocks the students from getting close with his flames. Suddenly, there are explosions heard around Gigantomachia, and Creati reveals explosives were planted in the softened areas Mudman made, with their goal to make him sink even deeper. Spinner asks if Gigantomachia has the power to dig underground, and Mr. Compress reminds him they are still on his back, so if he dug, they would die. Mr. Compress also adds he was given orders to have the bunch brought to Tomura, so they may actually be holding him back. Skeptic then shouts as the heroes suddenly swarm Gigantomachia's back and ambush the lieutenants.

Mt. Lady finally pushes Gigantomachia down on the ground and opens up his mouth for the sedative to be administered. Pinky moves in using Acidman to deliver it.

Chapter Notes

  • The students manage to ambush Gigantomachia.
    • They manage to pin him down for a moment, however, Gigantomachia blows them away.
    • Dabi reveals two of Gigantomachia's Quirks: a Quirk that numbs pain, and another Quirk that converts morale into battle energy and size.
    • Creati planted bombs in the ground, which once again, brings the giant down.
    • Mt. Lady opens Gigantomachia's mouth so that Pinky can throw the sedative into it.

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