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Disaster Walker (災害歩行 (ディザスターウォーカー) Dizasutā Wōkā?) is the two hundred and seventy-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Earphone Jack retracts her Quirk in shock as Chargebolt asks her what is wrong. She tells them all that something insanely huge is coming this way, which causes the Heroes on standby to head forward and order the students to hang back.

Mt. Lady is still trying to push Gigantomachia back as the Villains talk among themselves about what happened when he grabbed them all. Dabi deduces Tomura awoke, otherwise Gigantomachia wouldn't even be moving, and Himiko says he is ahead of schedule. Skeptic, who was trying to get off Gigantomachia, was being held back by Dabi and tells him that he needs to back up Re-Destro. Dabi responds by telling him to calm down and the other Heroes haven't noticed they are on Gigantomachia's back.

Re-Destro emerges from the bunker to aid his comrades.

Gigantomachia roars that he is going to see his master as the Heroes clamor to support Mt. Lady, wondering if the Jaku Team made a mistake because they thought he was supposed to be immobile. Suddenly, they are attacked by Geten, who's confused by the whole situation. Cementoss then attacks the distracted villain, when out of nowhere, Re-Destro emerges from underground while battling Edgeshot, saving Geten. He then mentally notes that if Gigantomachia is active, then Tomura must be awake. He stops the Heroes in their place and orders the other members to follow the giant and begin their revolution.

Kamui Woods is shown carrying Midnight on his back while swinging across the trees to get to Gigantomachia's face. Despite her best efforts, Gigantomachia swats Mt. Lady away as he decides to take a shortcut to Tomura. Despite Kamui Woods' concerns, Midnight convinces him to keep moving. She says that if Gigantomachia makes it into the city, he will destroy it, and if they can't stop the behemoth by force, they will put him to sleep, which is what Midnight plans to do with her Quirk.

Kamui Woods is then doused in a stream of blue fire courtesy of Dabi. As Midnight notes the group, she ends up slamming into several pieces of building debris released by Mr. Compress, causing her to fall to the ground as Gigantomachia makes his way. Midnight tries thinking of various people who could put the giant to sleep before contacting Creati. After confirming she knows the situation, Midnight tells her that she needs to put Gigantomachia asleep with an anesthetic, even if it is against the law. Before Creati can ask what is going on, Midnight is ambushed by several Liberation soldiers, but not before telling Creati that if it is too difficult, they can hand the anesthetic to the Heroes and evacuate. As she turns to face her attackers, she thinks back to Creati's performance during the Joint Training Battle and that she will make a fine leader someday, so she will trust her judgement.

Creati loses contact with Midnight as the others around her wonder what she was talking about. Creati tries to think of a plan before finally coming up with one. She orders Earphone Jack and Tentacole to use their hearing to determine the time it will take him to arrive at their location and the path he will use. She also adds that Tentacole can use his eyes since he is so massive. She asks Mudman to lend a hand as Earphone Jack reports that she can see him.

Gigantomachia held back by Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods.

They then notice Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods both holding on to Gigantomachia's leg, but they believe it will slow him down just a little bit. Creati creates anesthetics that she hands to her friends while saying that she never learned to be a Hero that shows their back to an enemy. She says she will fight and Chargebolt agrees to back her up, because when they don their costumes and step outside, they become Heroes, regardless of whether or not they are students.

Chapter Notes

  • Gigantomachia ignores Mt. Lady holding him back and when he chooses the shortest route to Tomura, he swats her away.
  • Midnight and Kamui Woods try to make Gigantomachia fall asleep, due to his immense durability being too much to defeat by force.
    • Dabi and Mr. Compress stop the two, leaving Kamui Woods burned and Midnight on the ground in bad shape.
    • One of Dabi's advisers ambushes Midnight.
  • Re-Destro emerges from the bunker on the battlefield, equipped with a new spare of mechanical legs. Edgeshot is trying to hold him back, to no avail.
    • Geten attacks the heroes but is ambushed by Cementoss. Re-Destro attempts to stop the hero's attack.
  • Midnight orders Creati to create and give the sedative to the heroes, entrusting her with forming a new plan to stop Gigantomachia.
    • After a moment of doubt, Creati orders the students to form up and prepare to engage the enemy.
  • Mt. Lady is clung onto Gigantomachia, thanks to Kamui Woods' Quirk, which entangles her with the titan's leg.

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