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Who...? ( (だれ) だよ Dareda yo?) is the two hundred and seventy-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Endeavor rushes Tomura before he has a chance to attack the boys.

Gran Torino and Eraser Head are left surprised when Deku appears and pushes back Tomura. Deku thinks about what is worse than the worst-case scenario Gran Torino spoke of. He knows that all the Heroes need to go all out against Tomura because he can't use his Quirk right now, but the Near High-Ends are keeping the other Heroes at bay, so they don't have the force to fight him back. In conclusion, Deku says that the "worst-case scenario" they could face is losing his teacher, the teacher who has been looking after him since day one. The statement leaves Eraser Head speechless, as he thought back to the day he told Deku he could never be a Hero with his power.

Katsuki unleashes an AP Shot: Auto-Cannon on Tomura, but he disregards them as mere fireworks as they hit him. Deku tries using Blackwhip to hold him back but Tomura pulls him closer while telling Katsuki face-to-face that he isn't interested in him at the moment. Suddenly, Endeavor returns and blasts Tomura away from the two students. Endeavor asks the two of them where Shoto is, and Deku answers that it is just him and Katsuki present.

"I want to be greater than you!

After regaining his footing, Tomura expresses delight that Endeavor still has some fight in him. Gran Torino comments that Tomura's strength is beyond comprehension, and Rock Lock says they can't let him get near Eraser Head. Endeavor also reveals that Tomura's strength is on par with All Might, which shocks Deku. Eraser Head nevertheless says that as long as he keeps his eyes on Tomura, they have the advantage, so he will hold out as long as he can. Endeavor tells Deku and Katsuki that they can act without his direction in this situation, but he wants them to support Eraser Head and protect each other. Tomura moves forward hoping to grab Deku and One For All, but as he demands the student he gives him One For All, he ends up calling him his "little brother", a statement that leaves both of them confused.

Endeavor unleashes another Hell Spider as Tomura tries to figure out why he said that. He quickly realizes the ego of his master still exists within All For One, but he says to him internally that this is his own body and therefore his own power and the hallucinations he has of him aren't what is motivating him. He explains that in the past he saw All For One as the "Ruler of Darkness", yet he was defeated by only one person: All Might. Tomura thanks All For One for raising him from the bottom of his heart, but he doesn't want to end up like him; he wants to be greater. He destroys the hallucination and tells him to keep his desires to himself because this is his will.

Mt. Lady tries to stop Gigantomachia from escaping.

Gran Torino then kicks Tomura in the face and says that they need to hold him off and counter because of how powerful he is. He angrily demands Tomura not to trample all over Nana Shimura's heart with his vile essence, but all Tomura says in response is "Who...?" Gran Torino thinks back to when he told All Might he wasn't seeing Tomura as a villain after learning he was his master's grandson, and he considers Tomura a being that only brings pain and suffering, to both All Might and all the other people in the world. Tomura manages to make a straight dash towards Deku but is surprised by Katsuki appearing above him as he yells out that Deku was baiting him out so he could unleash a huge explosion from his gauntlets. Endeavor witnesses Tomura get hit as he remembers All Might telling him he doesn't need to copy him to be the new Symbol of Peace. He charges forward and uses a new Ultimate Move called Vanishing Fist and strikes Tomura square in the chest.

Back at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Mt. Lady clashes with Gigantomachia, who is carrying Himiko Toga, Dabi, Spinner, Mr. Compress, and Skeptic on his back. The determined Mineyama Hero tells the behemoth that she will not let him past her.

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