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You Cheated...! (「チートが…!」 "Chīto ga…!"?) is the two hundred and seventy-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The news helicopter hovering above Jaku City reports that nearly a third of the city has been destroyed, and dozens of Heroes police officers are evacuating civilians as fast as they can. As several people watch the news, including All Might and Eri, they report it as a scene reminiscent of Deika City from last time, and the amount of dust and debris is clouding their vision so they can't see what exactly is going on, but they do confirm the Heroes are fighting something. They report this crisis is another large-scale act of terrorism such as the events of Hosu City and Kamino Ward, and question what is going on in the country nowadays, and where they are all heading to now.

While still in the air, Tomura brings the communicator up to his face and orders an unknown recipient to kill anyone in sight. Endeavor charges for his sidekick Kido as he forms a loop with his bandages for Endeavor to fly through. It is revealed that Kido's Quirk is called "Traject", which allows him to manipulate the trajectory of things. In this case, Endeavor's trajectory is changed so he charges straight up at Tomura. Ryukyu yells that Tomura still can't use his Quirk because of Eraser Head. Speaking of, he is helped out by Manual due to having twisted his ankle, and who uses his Quirk to wet Eraser Head's eyes so he can keep them open and on Tomura, which the Erasure Hero thanks him for.

After reaching Tomura, Endeavor unleashes a blast of fire but Tomura dodges to the right, though his left arm does get burned, which he says it really hurts. Endeavor realizes he didn't use a Quirk to dodge him, but his natural strength. He also notes how similar he is being able to move in the air despite having no Quirk compared to All Might. Sure enough, Kyudai Garaki reveals to Present Mic that the strength he gave him isn't on par with All Might because excessive modifications to the body will take its toll on the brain. Eraser Head also sees Tomura moving freely and wonders if this what a perfected Nomu is supposed to be. Ryukyu flies towards Tomura but the villain slams Endeavor into her, sending them both plummeting into the ground.

The Near High-Ends rampaging through the wrecked city.

Gran Torino drops Deku and Katsuki in a safe place as he explains to Deku that Eraser Head is blocking Tomura's Quirk with his own. Deku tries introducing Gran Torino to Katsuki, but he reveals All Might already told him that he knows the secret of One For All. Katsuki yells at Gran Torino that he should have dropped them off closer, but he says this is as close as they should be. He explains that Tomura's speed is faster than they imagine, and because the number of people who can pursue him is limited, their communications are now blocked, and him being able to move freely meant they had to put pressure on him to get him away from all the people and into Eraser Head's line of sight; a strategy that is already showing results. Gran Torino tells them that he is going to back up Eraser Head, but as Deku asks if the two of them should stay there, Gran Torino reveals Tomura has All For One's Quirk, and if Deku lost One For All, that is the worst-case scenario. As all the Heroes charge for Tomura, several Nomu emerge from the wreckage, leaving the Heroes confused as to how they survived.

Tomura mocks the defeated Endeavor.

Back with Tomura, he stands triumphantly on a defeated Endeavor and Ryukyu while raising his right arm in the air similarly to when Endeavor raised his left arm in the air after defeating Hood, as a sort of mockery. He mockingly asks Endeavor if it was the left arm he raised and he will raise it after it heals. Endeavor tries to strike him again but Tomura dodges and moves away from him. He says to himself that since he gained control over his "Decay" after waking up, he tried to control it so it wouldn't spread to the Nomu capsules, but acknowledged that not all of them survived. He thinks back to his meeting with Kyudai and him asking if the Nomu will go out of control, but he says they won't. Kyudai explains that they will only move once an electric current flows through them, and all he needs is to tap the device given to him to wake them up, after which they are programmed to obey only his orders. In the present, Tomura considers the Nomu servants befitting a king.

Back with Kyudai and Present Mic, the mad doctor praises Tomura for saving the High-Ends and they were activated when he used "Radio Waves". He does admit they haven't reached the testing phase so they can't think for themselves, but their strength is phenomenal, so he classifies them as 'Nearly High-Ends'. Gran Torino moves to Eraser Head's location to cut the High-Ends off and tells Deku and Katsuki to hide.

Tomura decides to take out Eraser Head and charges at him, calling him a hindrance to his plans. As Rock Lock readies to defend Eraser Head, he wonders if he will die if he reaches him. He thinks about all of his students in Class 1-A and declares that he needs to live and watch over them so they can graduate and become Heroes. He yells to Tomura that he is the only hindrance just as he bypasses Rock Lock and Gran Torino arrives and reaches his hand out to Eraser Head.

Suddenly, Deku flies in and tackles Tomura, pushing him away from his teacher. Katsuki also arrives, as the two of them think about all he had done for them, Katsuki declares that this time, it is their turn to save him.

Chapter Notes

  • Kido's Quirk is revealed to be named Traject, and it allows him to alter the course of bodies in motion.
  • Tomura's strength is revealed to be almost on par with All Might's because excessive remodeling of his body would have overburdened his brain.
  • Gran Torino evacuates Deku and Katsuki to a safe location and then goes to help Eraser Head.
  • It's revealed that Tomura saved most of the Nomu from decaying and that they're near High-Ends meaning they can't think for themselves.
  • Tomura manages to awakened the Nomu with his Radio Waves blast, he then orders them to engage the Heroes.
    • A flashback reveals that these Nomu answer only to Tomura's commands.
  • Tomura tries to kill Eraser Head, although Deku and Katsuki engage him in order to save their teacher.

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