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Encounter, Part 2 (エンカウンター2 Enkauntā 2?) is the two hundred and seventy-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


As Tomura flies through the air, he realizes the data Ragdoll previously acquired with Search was stored up, which means the data she obtained from Deku during Training Camp he could now see for himself. Endeavor, who is still in pursuit of Tomura, asks Deku what he is talking about, but Deku says he will explain later. He also tells him that the cloud is obstructing their vision so they can't see Tomura, and if there is anyway Endeavor can redirect him.

Endeavor is about to tell him there is no time, but the minute he sees Tomura land on the ground, he unleashes a blast of fire at him, but Tomura dodges and continues on his way. Endeavor tells Deku that he is heading southwest, and Deku says he will buy time for evacuation before hanging up. Tomura heard the conversation between them and says the communications are annoying, so he should do something about it. Endeavor reports that Tomura is heading southwest and now that he has Super Regeneration, he is no longer the foe they have fought in the past. He also internally realizes that Tomura is after Deku and that he is in danger now.

Deku tells Katsuki that Tomura is coming, and Katsuki retorts that he overheard, so he needs to draw him in closer. Deku then asks why Katsuki is coming with him, and Katsuki answers that in a situation like this, the only one who can make the people understand quickly enough is himself; Deku accepts the reason and thanks him, and Katsuki tells him he isn't the protagonist. He also reveals that he has a score to settle with Tomura, as he still feels guilty for All Might's retirement by getting kidnapped by the League of Villains. He then says that One For All is just the bait, and he has a foolproof plan to make up for that day, so Deku can't overexert himself. Katsuki then notices that Deku's average Full Cowl output is 30% right now, and in order to reduce the burden on his body at the moment of impact, he ups it to 45%. He also knows that he has been able to keep up with his increase in power over the course of Endeavor's internship and All Might's special training, and yet Deku continues to climb to the top. He yells to his rival that he is done losing like this, and he will prove it.

Deku and Bakugo hallucinate Tomura killing both of them.

While in the air, Tomura gets an idea to get Endeavor out of his way and disrupt communications, which involves him combining Air Cannon with another Quirk called Radio Waves to release a blast that jams all the communicators. Tomura finally catches up with Deku, demanding he gives One For All to him as he reaches his hand out to grab him. At the same time, Deku experiences the image of death like during the Kamino Incident, seeing both himself and Katsuki disintegrating. All of a sudden, Gran Torino rushes in and grabs the two of them before flying in the opposite direction. He explains he heard Tomura say 'One For All' as well so he knew something dangerous was going to happen. He also tells Deku that facing Tomura now is a bad idea because his Decay is so powerful merely touching the falling debris will ensure instant death. Deku tries to protest but Gran Torino reminds him that there are other Heroes that can still fight, and as powerful as he has become, he can't beat all of them.

"I won't let you lay a rotten finger on my students."

Sure enough, Ryukyu flies up to Tomura and swipes him with her claws. Tomura touches her claw as it approached to destroy her, but to his surprise, his Quirk doesn't activate, and Ryukyu knocks Tomura into the air. Eraser Head also arrives on the scene and questions why Deku and Katsuki were so close to Tomura, wondering if he is after them. He thinks back to Crust's sacrifice when he saved him and his friend Oboro Shirakumo and angrily tells Tomura to not mess with his students, as it is revealed he was using his Quirk to stop Tomura. Tomura sees him and says that it is rather cool of him to try.

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