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Search (サーチ Sāchi?) is the two hundred and seventy-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Tomura attacks Endeavor.

Endeavor charges at Tomura Shigaraki and unleashes a Super Move called Hell's Curtain, trapping Tomura in a scorching inferno to which Endeavor says there is no escape from. Internally, Endeavor says that he can not let Tomura take any step further so for now, he will try to incapacitate him. Just as he is about to unleash another Super Move, Tomura tries to touch Endeavor with his hand, but Endeavor bends backwards to dodge it. He becomes surprised because the fire of his Super Move should be hot enough for someone without a heat tolerance to be unable to move, and then he realizes that Tomura is regenerating his injuries a incredible speed.

Tomura finds the location of One For All.

Just as Tomura dodges another attack from Endeavor, the Hero radios in and orders any hero that can mobilize without touching the ground to form a perimeter around him and Tomura. Endeavor successfully grabs Tomura's arm but he unleashes a blast of air that blows him far away. Tomura realizes he has inherited all the Quirks All For One collected with his Quirk, and that he feels this incredible power like he has had it since he was born. He remembers what Kyudai told him before he underwent the surgery as he salvages a couple of Quirk-Destroying Drugs and pockets them. He then pulls out his hand as Endeavor charges back at him.

Tomura, however, then realizes he feels something is missing, and that he feels he should have it. He realizes it is One For All. Endeavor, who was close to him when he says that, radios Burnin, who says she is on her way to assist him. Deku, who was also close, hears her, and gets a bad feeling. Tomura also manages to locate Deku's position using Search, the Quirk stolen from Wild, Wild Pussycats member Ragdoll.

Deku and Bakugo try to lead Tomura away from the civilians.

Burnin orders the students and civilians to evacuate with the Heroes as Deku tries calling out to her. Tomura jumps off the ground and proceeds to make his way to Deku's position. As all the others start worrying about Tomura's arrival, Deku looks at everyone before starting to move to confront Tomura. Katsuki speaks to him and says that the others will look out for him, because being a Hero means protecting everyone. Deku reminds him that the safety of the people is their top priority but Katsuki says that it is difficult to determine if Tomura is coming to this location after mentioning One For All, he still needs to move.

Shoto and Uravity sees them moving away and Deku claims he forgot something as he and Katsuki start heading the other direction. Deku deduces that Tomura can't see anyone from his location, but just in case he can find him, he has to move. He contacts Endeavor via the private channel and tells him that he believes Tomura is looking for him, though he doubts he can move him to a place where there is no people. Katsuki yells that he will crush Tomura as Deku asks Endeavor to hear him out.

Chapter Notes

  • Tomura Shigaraki and Endeavor engage in combat.
    • Endeavor reveals a new Super Move: Hell's Curtain.
    • Tomura uses All For One for the first time and makes use of the Super Regeneration Quirk to overpower the effects of Endeavor's fire.
    • Tomura possesses every Quirk his master had stored before.
    • Tomura manages to obtain a few Quirk Destroying Drugs for himself.
  • A voice in Tomura's head instructs him to obtain One For All. Tomura uses Search in order to pinpoint Deku's location and proceeds to head towards him.
    • Endeavor hears of One For All for the first time.
    • A hero named Funkman is confirmed dead.
  • Deku and Katsuki head to a deserted area in order to draw Tomura away from the civilians.

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  • In one of the panels Tomura's left hand is incorrectly drawn with no missing fingers and the brace he usually wears on it.

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