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The Thrill of Destruction ( () (めつ) のボルテージ Hametsu no Borutēji?) is the two hundred and seventy-third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Deku tries to fight back the destruction.

Despite Deku's best efforts to push back the decay, it continues with no sign of stopping, causing Uravity to remark that this is not some sort of shockwave. When Froppy comments that everything is turning to dust, Deku thinks back to when he met Tomura Shigaraki in the mall before going to Training Camp, and how he told him how his Quirk worked when he grabbed him by the throat. Izuku quickly realized this was his doing.

Shoto uses his Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall to try and stop the decay, but that too fails. Burnin orders everyone to fall back and the Heroes do so while trying to escape with the civilians. Burnin tries reaching out to the Hospital Raid team hoping for a response on the situation, but receives none. Students run away as quickly as possible from the scene, taking as many civilians with them as possible, with Izuku using Blackwhip to haul citizens in a bus away from the decay.

Back at what was left of the lab and hospital, Tomura stands at the center of his destruction on a platform above the ruins. He overlooks the destruction he caused before noticing the large machine behind him with a smoking hole in it. He opens it up and sees that most of the Quirk-Destroying Drugs are ruined, and after all the time Kyudai Garaki spent trying to mass-reproduce them. He also notes that this will be hard on Overhaul when he finds out.

"To me Machia!"

Suddenly, Shigaraki feels a throb in his head, and hears a voice that says "...stroy..." and is confused by the intrusion in his thoughts. Then, he sees Kyudai's phone on the ground and picks it up, realizing he now has control over his Quirk when he touches stuff. He also realizes that the reason why he has awoken is because of the Heroes fighting the Paranormal Liberation Front. He calls Gigantomachia and orders him to bring everyone to the city, because he is ready to destroy everything. Gigantomachia responds by roaring.

At the Gunga Mountain Villa, Fat Gum sees Tsukuyomi flying away and yells at him. Tokoyami tums to yell at Fat Gum in acknowledgment. Fat Gum spots an unconscious Hawks in Tokoyami's arms, and becomes apprehensive. Fat Gum informs Tokoyami that there should be medics in the rear guard and then follows him and Hawks into the woods.

Meanwhile, in the battle at the Gunga Mountain Villa, one Hero asks Cementoss if he is alright and he says yes, and that he will help break through Geten's ice. Mt. Lady gets back up and attacks Geten, intending to pay him back for his earlier attack. As a group of Heroes follow Mt. Lady, one of them notices that the Hero next to him was the one who had supposedly captured Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress. Before he can react, he gets his throat cut by the Hero. The Hero proceeds to cut up the other Heroes as they all realize it is actually Himiko Toga using her Quirk.

Tomura gets a wake up call from the No. 1 Hero!!

In the ruined villa, Dabi meets up with Mr. Compress, who is sitting by a structurally secure balcony railing as he observes the fights down below. Dabi asks where the others are while Mr. Compress yells where he was the whole time since he is a lieutenant. Mr. Compress tells Dabi that the Heroes won't be able to function with a surprise attack, and Dabi asks if Mr. Compress intends to run away.

Mr. Compress says that since Twice was killed by the Heroes, Himiko ran out onto the battlefield despite his best efforts to stop her, as he deduces that his death has caused her to completely lose her composure. As Himiko's disguise melts away, she says that living in this society is hard for her, which is why she wants to make a society where she can live easily and with the things she likes, and the only thing standing in her way are the Heroes. Suddenly, one of the giant hands of Gigantomachia sprouts up out of the ground behind Toga, who seems unphased by this while glaring fiercely at the heroes.

Back to the now destroyed hospital, Endeavor charges towards Tomura, who is ready to fight him.

Chapter Notes

  • The U.A students try to hold back the spreading Decay, but it doesn't work and they are forced to retreat with the civilians.
  • The machine that X-Less destroyed was producing the Quirk-Destroying Drugs, with most of them being ruined as a result.
  • Tomura is shown to have control over what he wants to decay when he uses Kyudai's phone.
  • Tomura orders Gigantomachia to bring all of the Paranormal Liberation Front members to him, saying that they're going to destroy everything.
  • Tsukuyomi takes Hawks to the rear of the battle to be treated by medics.
  • Himiko Toga, who is enraged by Twice's death at the hands of Hawks, is shown slashing through many heroes while being transformed into the hero that had captured her and Mr. Compress earlier.
  • Endeavor confronts Tomura.

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