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Good Morning! (おはよう! Ohayō!?) is the two hundred and seventy-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Burnin yells to anyone in the neighborhood to let the Heroes know if they are unable to get up and out on their own, as there is a chance the city will become a counter-villain battle zone. Katsuki tells the civilians to take the shuttles out of the city, and one of them offers him a chocolate bun as a thank you, though he angrily yells it will make his mouth dry and they need to keep going. Uravity ponders taking a bun, which Katsuki yells she just wants one for herself, and Froppy comments that Katsuki treats even old people with anger. Another civilian tells Ingenium that there is a manuscript on paper that he hasn't submitted yet so he doesn't want the Heroes to destroy his workplace, and Ingenium responds that he will preserve and protect his manuscript. Anima uses his Quirk to evacuate the animals and a dove reports to him that the fifth ward of the city has been completely evacuated. Ingenium says they must check every single building to ensure nobody has been left behind in senior homes and apartments.

During the commotion, Shoto notices Deku clutching his stomach, with Katsuki retorting he is slacking off. In actuality, Deku was listening to the first user of One For All, whom he hadn't heard from since before the Joint Training Battle. The first user warns Deku that the blowback will arrive soon, so they don't have much time, because a being freed from humanity and swelling with power is on his way. Uravity calls out to Deku in concern, as he turns to face the hospital.

Back in the lab, X-Less is surprised to see that Tomura Shigaraki has woken up, despite having previously verified that his heart was not beating. Tomura speaks and says he is cold. At that moment, the Pro heroes have already defeated the High-End, and Present Mic escorts Kyudai Garaki to the surface. Then, they notice the lab starting to disintegrate, with Kyudai smiling maniacally as it reached closer to the two of them.

Crust sacrifices his life to save Eraser Head.

Gran Torino charges in and quickly grabs the two as he notices how Tomura's Decay was spreading to things he hadn't even touched, which is something they didn't know about. He yells to the Heroes to escape and not touch the cracks unless they want to die. As he says that, Deku looks to the hospital, with the other students looking at it too. Ryukyu yells to Eraser Head to grab on to her, as she was carrying several Heroes on her back. Just as Eraser Head launched his Capturing Weapon to latch on, a High-End grabs him by the leg as it disintegrates. Its arm is then cut off by Crust's Shoot Shield, but he was unable to escape the decay and dies, with Eraser Head screaming in horror. Meanwhile, Endeavor escapes carrying Mirko and another Hero.

Deku tries to hold back Tomura's destruction.

As he was being carried away, Kyudai admits to the Heroes that they had them beat, as the decay spreads to the hospital, engulfing several Heroes while Wash used their Quirk to rescue as many people as possible. Pixie-Bob tries to use her Quirk to hold the decay back, but it doesn't work and the decay spreads to the city. Kyudai continues his speech by saying that all the Heroes' work and progress was building toward this day, but now they witness a miracle, or something greater: Tomura's awakening. He declares everything the Heroes built will disintegrate with his hands, so this is their victory.

Deku charges up 45% of One For All and unleashes a new Super Move: St. Louis Smash Air Force at the spreading decay. Katsuki yells to get the people moving, Burnin tries calling out to Endeavor, and Deku yells for everyone to run.

Chapter Notes

  • It's shown how the U.A. students and the Pro Heroes manage the evacuation.
  • After waking up, Tomura Shigaraki activates his Decay, which has drastically increased in power and disintegration speed as a result of his enhancements. The attack destroys the hospital and spreads to the mountains and the nearby city.
  • Izuku has a vision of the first user of One For All for the first time since his first dream with the former users of One For All. He warns him about Tomura's awakening.
    • It's also revealed that Izuku can now use 45% of his power without breaking his body, succeeding from his previous limit of 20%.
    • Izuku demonstrates a new Super Move: St. Louis Smash Air Force.

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