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Dark Cloud ( (あん) (うん) !! An'un!!?) is the two hundred and seventy-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Fumikage tries to protect his mentor from Dabi.

A moment earlier 30 meters behind the Gunga Mountain Villa frontlines, Tsukuyomi managed to jump out of Fat Gum's body despite the Pro Hero's protest. Chargebolt yells what he is doing and Tsukuyomi responds by saying that Hawks is on the top floor in the building and he could be in trouble.

After hearing this, Fat Gum ejects Chargebolt, Shemage, and Mudman from his body and tells them to run the rest of the way before running off to give Tsukuyomi support. Inwardly, he comments on how Tsukuyomi was strong enough to break free of his fat, which was something that had never happened before to him.

Dabi buys time by taunting Fumikage.

In the present, Dark Shadow is covering the wounded Hawks' back with Tsukuyomi's cloak while saying that there is nothing left of his wings. Dabi says it is pathetic that U.A. High School had to drag children into this mess, before pointing out to Tsukuyomi Twice's body laying behind him and revealing that Hawks killed him as he was trying to provide backup to his friends.

The revelation shocks Tsukuyomi, as Dabi rhetorically asks Tsukuyomi if he came here to save Hawks and says to him that the Pro Hero he looks up to is far dirtier than the Villains present. Hawks attempts to speak to Tsukuyomi, albeit weakly, and Tsukuyomi answers Dabi by saying he is concerned for his mentor, only for Dabi to call him thoughtless.

Dabi unleashes a blast of his flames that Tsukuyomi tries to dodge, but because the area was too cramped, his right leg ended up getting burnt. Tsukuyomi also knows that the fire has weakened Dark Shadow, so he decides to escape as fast as possible and get somewhere where Hawks can get treated. Hawks tells Tsukuyomi that Dabi is still talking, and sure enough, Dabi continues his conversation by telling Tsukuyomi to think for once about who really needs salvation, but Tsukuyomi ignores him by listening to Hawks.

Dabi stays one step ahead of Fumikage.

Hawks realized that Dabi wasn't able to finish him off earlier because he was talking to him, and he is doing it again. He deduces he isn't being cocky, rather he's buying himself time until he can use his flames effectively. Hawks tells Tsukuyomi to move and Dark Shadow goes behind Dabi and grabs the rail of the floor to fling the two of them away, but his lack of strength causes them to crash on the lower level.

After they land, Tsukuyomi checks on Hawks and finds he has fallen unconscious but is still alive. He activates his Super Move Black Fallen Angel and prepares to fly, but Dabi jumps down by emitting fire from his feet and says to Tsukuyomi he was holding back when he used his fire earlier.

Before he can attack though, a huge wall of ice is created by Geten, disrupting him and allowing Tsukuyomi to escape with Hawks. As he flies he yells to Hawks with tears in his eyes that he doesn't think he's dirty for killing Twice and that everyone believes in him and that he did the right thing, so he can't die on him.

As Fat Gum reaches the villa, he sees Mt. Lady being blown away by Geten's ice wall, as the Villain shows his face and yells he won't let the Heroes interfere with Re-Destro anymore and they won't go down that easily, also calling the Heroes 'dogs of the state'. He yells to his allies that he has disrupted their siege and that the Heroes want them to rush into a fight, so they need to create an opening and focus on a single objective. Dabi decides to turn his attention to something else.

Under the villa, Re-Destro yells about his spare legs and one of his minions informs him that Gigantomachia has started moving, as the large monstrosity has picked up his master's scent.

Chapter Notes

  • Fumikage breaking away from Fat Gum in order to assist Hawks is shown.
    • Fumikage learns that Hawks killed Twice.
    • Fumikage manages to escape with an unconscious Hawks.
  • Geten uses his Quirk to create a giant wall of ice that sends Mt. Lady flying away.
  • Gigantomachia picks up his master's scent and starts to move, for the first time during the raid.
  • Dabi can use his unnamed fire Quirk to suspend himself in mid-air by expelling fire jets through the soles of his feet.

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