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Inheritance ( (けい) (しょう) Keishō?) is the two hundred and seventieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Present Mic proceeds to drag Kyudai Garaki away, telling him to command the Nomu to stop their attack while also yelling at X-Less to handle Tomura. He complies, but then notices a machine, the tubes near it in place to buffer it so it would not take damage; he decides to destroy it.

Tomura's warped past still lingers while he's unconscious.

As Present Mic continued to drag Kyudai away, the man reveals to Present Mic that, seventy years before, society mocked his thesis about the Quirk Singularity, citing that they found it absurd and lacking in evidence, eventually ignoring it. He said that even in an era struggling to return an impoverished, conflicted world back to peace, no one believed there was anything to indicate the "collapse of the future". Present Mic realizes that now this era has become a cult of people who believe in his theory. He also discerns that after the scholar had presented the theory, he went missing, and, if he were still alive today, he would have to be one-hundred and twenty years old, the same age as Kyudai.

Kyudai continues his story by telling Present Mic that he had nowhere to go and he was exiled, but then "he" extended his hand to him, and ever since that day, he saw "him" as a living god. He reveals his Quirk is called "Life Force", and it gives him twice the vitality of others at the cost of his athleticism; he had devoted the Quirk to All For One all these years. He also reveals that the Quirk is actually a replica of the original. As he spoke, Present Mic realizes he is in contact with something horrible. Kyudai Garaki then reveals to Present Mic that All For One knew he was going to be defeated, so he passed his own Quirk down to Tomura while leaving himself with a replica of it. Kyudai rhetorically asks Present Mic if he is a friend of Kurogiri, confessing that back then he actually wanted to get his hand on Eraser Head's Erasure instead.

Tomura Shigaraki awakens.

Inside Tomura's mind, he is surrounded by several large hands and pieces of buildings. He sees his sister talking to him, telling him that she was on his side, and later when she was apologizing to him for selling him out. Tomura responds that it is alright and that he has forgotten it. A large version of his mother appears asking him if he wants to be a Pro Hero, and then tells him that he had been rubbing his eyes ragged and they will only get itchier the more he scratches. Tomura, as Tenko, tells her he is fine. A large version of his father appears yelling if he went into his study, and Tenko turns back into Tomura and destroys him with his Quirk.

A shadowy version of All For One appears and tells him to come to him. His family reappears to stop him and grab him in the same areas he had their hands on him before, with Kotaro's hand on his face, all desperately trying to stop him from following in All For One's footsteps. The last one to appear is his grandmother Nana, who grabs the back of his head and telling him to not forget them.

Despite their pleas, Tomura destroys the constructs of his family without hesitation, telling them not to reject who he is. The crumbling face of Nana watches her grandson walking into All For One's darkness, embracing the path of villainy. Back in the lab, the electricity from the tubes wakes jolts Tomura awake.

In the city near the Jaku General Hospital, where numerous students are evacuating citizens, Izuku gets a bad feeling that something terrible approaches.

Chapter Notes

  • Kyudai Garaki reveals several things about himself:
    • His Quirk is called "Life Force", which doubles his life span at the cost of his physical mobility. Out of devotion towards All For One, Garaki gave his original Quirk to him while keeping a synthetic copy for himself. He is currently over one-hundred and twenty years old.
    • Garaki first proposed the Quirk Singularity seventy years ago, but no one except All For One was willing to hear it out.
  • It is revealed the incident that resulted in Oboro Shirakumo's death was meant for Garaki to acquire Shota Aizawa's Erasure.
  • In a similar vein to Garaki, All For One passed on his original Quirk to Tomura Shigaraki, while keeping a duplicate for himself.
  • Tomura's human side temporarily reawakens as he remembers his family members, but he destroys a vision of his abusive father without hesitation. He abandons his past life and the memories of his family to join his master, All For One.
    • It is revealed that the hand on the back of Tomura's head was from his paternal grandmother Nana Shimura.
  • Tomura awakens from his death-like state, and Izuku senses that he is coming.

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