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Earth-Shatteringly Fateful Negotiations ( (てん) () () () (こう) (しょぅ) () (かん) Tenkawakeme no Kōshō Jikan?) is the twenty-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Midnight explains that the time for the Human Cavalry Battle will be 15 minutes and that the point value of each team will be the total accumulation of each of the team members' earned points. The one to wear the total point accumulated headband will be the rider. Midnight continues to explain that the headband can only be worn around the head or the neck. She also explains that if a team crumbles or loses a headband, that team is not out of the game. Quirks can be used but not for malicious aims. Midnight tells the students they have 15 minutes to begin team negotiations.

The students begin teaming up, however, Izuku has trouble finding teammates due to the number of points he is worth and the fact that nobody knows his Quirk. Ochaco approaches him and asks to team up with him, saying that she would rather team up with friends much to Izuku's joy. Izuku tries to get Tenya to join, however, Tenya refuses, stating that while Izuku is a friend, he also sees him as a rival. Tenya says that he wants to improve himself and grow from his experience in facing Izuku, thus joining Shoto's team which consists of him, Denki, and Momo. The girl with gadgets from the Obstacle Race introduces herself as Mei Hatsume from the Support Course and asks to join Izuku's team. Izuku then ponders who his last teammate should be, looking for someone that can provide the power they lack. Izuku spots the teammate he's looking for.

15 minutes have passed and Midnight announces that the Human Cavalry Battle is about to start. Team Midoriya has been formed; consisting of Izuku as the rider, Ochaco, Mei, and Fumikage Tokoyami (who is revealed to be the last teammate) as the head of the horse. Izuku tells his teammates that he is glad to be with them.

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