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The Three of Us ( (さん) (にん) San'nin de?) is the two hundred and sixty-ninth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


After saving Mirko, Endeavor hands her a hand-cloth to bite down on while he sears her wounds shut. She tells him that Tomura was inside the capsule and Endeavor realizes it hadn't even been five minutes since she reported in, so she had to have been fighting the Nomus all by herself. Endeavor reminds her of a debt he owes her after Kyushu, so she can't die on him. Mirko replies he doesn't owe her nothing. Woman, however, catches up to the two Heroes and says that Endeavor will be a little more fun for her.

Crust creates an opening for Present Mic and X-Less.

Back with the other Heroes and High-Ends, Mirko reports to Crust, who was relieved she was alive, that Tomura was inside a capsule, and that it probably has a remote device to wake him up, similar to the Nomus starting to move after a switch was flipped. She tells them to not let Tomura wake up because he isn't a simple villain anymore.

Eraser Head continues to use his Quirk to nullify the High-Ends until reinforcements arrive. He remembered how Woman escaped his eyesight and is probably fighting Endeavor, and as much as he wants to go after it, he can't go deeper into the lab because he is currently holding three of them back. He yells to X-Less and Present Mic to go on ahead of him. One High-End tries to stop them but is hit by a Ultimate Move by Crust. Eraser Head tells Present Mic that he is counting on him as he makes his way through the lab.

The combined might of the Heroes finally overwhelms the High-Ends.

Back with Kyudai, he notes the equipment is all ruined but not the data, and as much as he didn't want to wake Tomura because he is still in an incomplete state, he figured it would be better than before all the solution inside the capsule is lost. As he laments how all his work with All For One was falling apart, he pulls out a switch and tries to press it while yelling for Tomura to wake up. Before he can though, Present Mic uses his Quirk to shatter the capsule completely, leaving Kyudai aghast.

Present Mic runs up to Kyudai and punches him to confirm if he is a clone or not, while thinking back to a conversation with Eraser Head where his friend told him that if he was going, then he would follow him because he was still holding onto the dream that they and their friend Oboro had in the past, even if it seemed like a nightmare now. After Present Mic punches Kyudai, he yells it was for making his friend cry.

X-Less checks on Tomura and sees that he isn't breathing and his heart has stopped, and Kyudai reveals he put Tomura into a state of suspension to lighten the burden of stabilization and that the container was meant to accelerate the stabilization process, support his system, and resuscitate him when necessary, all the while crying about how he lived for Shigaraki's sake.

The reinforcements finally arrive and overwhelm the High-Ends, declaring that the Devil's Dream has finally ended.

Chapter Notes

  • The Hero with the Laser Quirk is revealed to be named X-Less.
  • Present Mic successfully shatters the tank containing Tomura Shigaraki, leaving Tomura in a death-like state, due to his stabilization process being interrupted.
  • The rest of the Hospital Raid Team catch up to the heroes in the morgue and battle the High-Ends.

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