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Scramble! (SCRAMBLE (スクランブル) !! Sukuranburu!!?) is the two hundred and sixty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Prior to Endeavor saving Mirko, Endeavor discovers a shortcut and discovers Crust fighting a High-End. He asks what the holdup is for and Crust says that the Nomu's regeneration is a problem, but Eraser Head comes in and declares he would erase it with his Quirk, as Present Mic joins the two of them while Endeavor pressed on.

Tomura in a capsule.

At the present, as Endeavor digs his fist deeper into the High-End's head, he notes the Nomu has multiple layers of bone. Eraser Head yells to Endeavor that after staring at the two Nomu in front of him, there was a brief lag before he spotted the one he was fighting so he has to finish that one off quickly, which Endeavor continues to do so. Back with Mirko, as she continued to bring her leg down onto Tomura's capsule, she internally notes that the second she saw him, she instinctively knew she couldn't let him wake up. Kyudai yells for her to stop but she presses on as Tomura reaches 74% completion.

Meanwhile, Woman figures out that the one that is negating her Quirks is Eraser Head because they were disabled the minute he appeared. Realizing he didn't touch her, she quickly figures out that he used his eyes because he was hiding them. As she wonders how the effects wear off, she finally stabilizes and runs off, as Eraser Head wonders if the High-End figured out his Quirk. After getting far away enough from the Heroes, Woman unleashes a dual combination of Liquification and Rupture to unleash multiple shots of liquid at the Heroes, which distracts Endeavor long enough for the Nomu he was fighting to attack Mirko again. It grabs her as Tomura reaches 75% completion and proceeds to drag her away, but not before she uses her Super Move Luna Arc to deal more damage to the capsule. Before the Nomu can drag Mirko away though, Endeavor catapults himself further with Mirko in his arms, which terrifies Kyudai as his machines start to fall apart.

Mirko tells Endeavor to destroy the capsule containing Tomura and to take down Kyudai, whose name is heard by an irate Eraser Head and Present Mic, as they can't let Tomura awaken no matter what.

Chapter Notes

  • One of the High-End Nomu, Woman, fully stabilizes and assaults the Pro Heroes.
  • Mirko attempts to break Tomura's life support tank, but is pulled back by a High-End. She is saved by Endeavor shortly after.
  • Tomura is currently 75% complete for his power boost upgrade.

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