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Flames ( (ほのお) Honō?) is the two hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Fumikage thinks back to his internship with Hawks and asking the Pro Hero what his weakness is. Hawks answers that it is fire because his feathers burn up pretty easily. Tsukuyomi asked if he had any countermeasures and Hawks only says that he finishes the job before anyone can use fire against him.


In the present, Fat Gum is carrying Mudman, Shemage, Chargebolt, and Tsukuyomi in his body. Mudman and Chargebolt ask if it's really time for them to be moved to the rear because they feel they can still do more. Fat Gum says that the Pros had the students subdue a slew of opponents with their wide range Quirks and close them in, and now they will gradually take them down, so they are done borrowing the strength of the kids and will take care of everything else. Tsukuyomi then notices a blast of fire coming out of the mansion.

Back in the mansion, a furious Dabi blasts Hawks away after he killed Twice. As he steps on him and burns away his feathers, Hawks looks at Dabi and asks if the face he is making is the face someone should have when their friend has been killed. Dabi insults Hawks and reveals his tear glands are all burnt, so he can't cry, and Dabi confesses that if Twice was still by his side, he would have been able to make his dream become a reality, which is why he is sad.

Dabi prepares to end Hawks.

Hawks tells Dabi that he looked into the backgrounds of the members of the League but could find nothing on him or Tomura Shigaraki. As Hawks thought back to when government officials placed him in a special program to make him a 'special hero', how they told him to discard his name, and how he accepted the grueling training if it meant he could be like Endeavor, whose toy he held in his hands, he asks Dabi who he is, and Dabi answers, leaving Hawks shocked.

Dabi tells Hawks that before Twice and before anyone else, if he wasn't his sole target, he would have been done for from the start. Dabi says that neither the League nor Tomura were the things he should have been focusing on when he went undercover because just one man's philosophy can change the world. Dabi declares that there are no real "Heroes" in the world and that he considers himself the "Ultimate Manifestation of Stain's will". He wishes Hawks goodbye as he claims his life and death mean nothing to him, as Gigantomachia is shown waiting for orders.

A Hero... Never gives up!

Back at Jaku Hospital, Mirko continues fighting the High-Ends but starts to lose the upper hand. She realizes the Nomus are wising up to her skills. She decides to go back after Kyudai Garaki but the Nomu chase after her, slashing her side and tearing off a part of her right ear. Nevertheless, Mirko presses on, telling herself that if she dies, she will die having taken down her enemies. She manages to catch up to Kyudai and Tomura in his capsule, but before she can smash it open, a High-End stabs her through her right leg with its Quirk, saying she was too late, but Mirko refuses to falter.

At the mansion, Dabi is blown away by Tsukuyomi, who arrived in time to help Hawks. At the same time, Endeavor makes his way down to Kyudai's lab, striking the High-End as Mirko continues her assault.

Chapter Notes

  • Dabi defeats Hawks by burning his feathers and tells him his real name, though it is censored.
    • Tsukuyomi returns to the mansion and saves Hawks from death.
  • Mirko flees from the High-Ends and finds Kyudai and Tomura.
    • Before she can strike the capsule, she loses an ear and gets stabbed in her right leg by a Nomu.
  • Endeavor finally arrives to back Mirko up.

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