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Happy Life (Happy (ハッピー) Life (ライフ) Happī Raifu?) is the two hundred and sixty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


"I never believed you from the beginning."

Hawks uses his feathers to get himself and Twice away from Dabi's attack. While Dabi expresses annoyance, he says that Hawks' "weapons" have been severely damaged. Hawks tells Dabi he nearly burned Twice, but Dabi said he knew Hawks would have gotten him out of the way since that what Heroes are supposed to do. Hawks asked if at any chance he blew his cover did Dabi suspect him, but Dabi confesses he never trusted Hawks from the beginning.

Hawks internally monologues that he won't be able to fly away with his wings all burnt, but decides to move himself and Twice away from the area. Twice, however, immediately crawls away from Hawks and yells at Dabi to destroy him. As Dabi unleashes his flames, he tells Twice that with him, they can destroy all the Heroes, and gives him permission to go wild and back up the others. Twice agrees and the two of them give each other a high-five.

Hawks cleverly maneuvers behind Dabi to attack Twice.

However, Hawks appears behind Dabi, as he realizes he went outside with the blast of fire in order to flank him. Twice yells at Hawks to get out of his way as Dabi calls Hawks by his real name: Keigo Takami. This leaves Hawks distracted long enough for Twice to get away as Hawks is left puzzled as to how Dabi knew who he was.

Twice sees the carnage happening below him, particularly Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress being attacked by a Hero, and resolves to help them, not wanting the kindness he felt from them to go to waste. He makes a clone of himself as Hawks appears behind him with a feather blade, while Twice acknowledges that his life up until now had been filled with failures, being conned, and back-stabbed, making for a rather miserable existence.

The Hero finally manages to catch Himiko and Mr. Compress, but as he tells them that their days of criminal activity and being a nuisance to society are over, Twice's clone appears and knifes the Hero in the back of his head, killing him and saving Himiko and Mr. Compress. As Mr. Compress says they should get down into the bunker, Twice confesses he can't clone himself anymore, and that he is spending too much energy trying to hold himself together because he fell and hit the concrete.

Jin's goodbye to Himiko.

Twice apologizes to them and reveals that Hawks betrayed him. He walks over to Himiko and pulls out the handkerchief she gave him during the Shie Hassaikai Raid and wipes her dirty face. He apologizes one more time as his clone melts away in Himiko's arms, signifying that the original had been killed. Himiko thanks him one last time for saving her.

Twice acknowledges in an inner monologue that in all the time he spent trying to find himself, he had never made such a good friend in the form of Himiko Toga, and it's because of that, he feels he had a blessed life in the end. He tells Hawks he had no right to say he had bad luck, because being with the League of Villains made him happy, and he was as happy as he could have been.

Chapter Notes

  • Hawks' real name is revealed to be Keigo Takami.
    • It's revealed that Dabi knows Hawks' real name.
  • Twice meets his end at the hands of Hawks.
    • A clone of Twice saves Himiko and Mr. Compress from being apprehended by a Hero before succumbing from being too damaged to maintain his form.

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