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Villains and Heroes ( (ヴィラン) とヒーロー Viran to Hīrō?) is the two hundred and sixty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Fat Gum and Suneater tell Tsukuyomi to join their team. The members of the Paranormal Liberation Front are underground, beneath the mansion in a giant sanctuary. There are five passageways that lead outside the villa and all the others are covered by the Heroes. Fumikage understands that it's their job to seal this specific exit their heading into that is out of Cementoss' range.

Re-Destro holds back Tsukuyomi's Ragnarok!

Warriors of the liberation front guard the pathway with their lives. Suneater steps up to remove them from the equation, defeating numerous enemies with his Ultimate Move: Vast Hybrid Chimera: Centaur! Once inside, Tsukuyomi unleashes an Ultimate Move of his own, a new technique that pushes Dark Shadow's power to its limit. Fukimage floods the tunnel with Dark Shadow's berserker state and the liberation soldiers inside flee.

Trumpet and other Front members start retreating, but Re-Destro steps out of the crowd and pushes his Stress levels to their maximum. He manages to block Dark Shadow with brute force but his prosthetic legs give way to the weight of the giant shadow. Re-Destro gets blasted through the rear wall of the tunnel and reveals the secret passageway being used by the liberation front. Fumikage recalls Dark Shadow and it tells him downstairs is a true monster, far more powerful than even the man who withstood their Ragnarök.

Fat Gum reveals to Fumikage that Gigantomachia won't move unless directly ordered by his master, and that they got this intel directly from Hawks, prompting Fumikage to recall his training under Hawks. Thanks to the Winged Hero's tutelage, Fumikage has become stronger and improved on his strengths. Fumikage hopes that Hawks can see how much he's grown during this mission.

Hawks' feather prove faster than even Twice's cloning speed.

Meanwhile, Hawks slashes apart Twice's Sad Man's Parade barrage effortlessly. He tells him the rate he conjures his clones is incredible, but also that they decrease in durability the more he uses his Quirk. Hawks claims that he doesn't allow himself to get attached and must finish this mission now that he's this deep, reminding Twice that he could have just complied peacefully in the beginning because he likes him. Twice refuses and creates Doubles of the League of Villains, stating that they're his only allies, but Hawks destroys those Doubles instantly.

Hawks tells Twice that the reason Heroes eliminate Villains quickly is because a person who never gives up is a Hero's worst fear, and in his own experience, someone who never gives up never stops putting up a fight. Hysterical, Twice demands Hawks stop talking and rushes at him, But Hawks pins him to the floor with blinding speed with a bladed feather a few inches from his face.

Dabi ambushes Hawks at the last moment to save Twice.

Hawks solemnly tells Twice that because he won't give up, he feels he has no choice but to kill him, causing Twice to claim that Hawks is no hero because he is trying to cut out the stragglers. Twice also tells Hawks that Himiko Toga once comforted him with a handkerchief when he was distraught and that since this was the second time he put the League in danger, she may not comfort him ever again. Nevertheless, he yells to Hawks that he will protect the League's happiness and creates one more Double. Hawks says he'll pass the message onto the League and pierces through the Double being created over Jin's face.

Before Hawks can kill Twice, the wall explodes with blue flames that engulf the entire room. Dabi states that Hawks won't be passing anything on because Twice was heard loud and clear. Hawks rolls out the scorching flames with Twice, but Dabi stomps on his head and shatters his goggles. Dabi ignites flames around his feet and tells Hawks that his sentimental attitude tripped him up after all.

Chapter Notes

  • Fat Gum, Suneater, and Tsukoyomi break into the Gunga Mountain Villa's underground sanctuary.
  • Tsukuyomi reveals his newest Ultimate Move: Ragnarök.
    • Tsukuyomi blows away Re-Destro after his prosthetic legs break.
  • Hawks defeats Twice in their battle, due to the former destroying the clones faster than the latter could create them, and tries to kill him.
  • Dabi attacks and pins down Hawks, saving Twice from being killed.

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