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One's Justice (One's (ワンズ) Justice (ジャスティス) Wanzu Jasutisu?) is the two hundred and sixty-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The Heroes continue their raid on Gunga Mountain Villa, sealing off every possible escape route and communications to ensure their victory. In the Underground Sanctuary Assembly Hall of the mansion, Re-Destro and Trumpet are informing the Paranormal Liberation Front's followers some important information.

Shemage helps in the raid effort.

That is until one of the followers tells Re-Destro that every one of their communication escape routes barring the ones located at the mansion has been blocked. Upon hearing this unexpected attack from the Heroes, Re-Destro's Stress levels start increasing, indicating his irritation towards them for finding his hideout.

Elsewhere, Cementoss continues to use his Quirk to split apart the Gunga Mountain Villa, forcing many of the organization's followers to come out and fight. Chargebolt continues emitting his electricity to hold off the other Paranormal Liberation Front members, showing no signs of tiredness too. The electric scarred villain recognizes Denki's Electrification Quirk and tells the other Electric-type Villains to unleash millions of bolts to override the former's powers.

Before they do so, Edgeshot zips past the villains using Thousand Sheet Pierce to prevent them from breathing by placing tiny holes in their lungs. Midnight and Kamui Woods follow up by using their Quirks to restrain the PLF members with efficiency. Along with that, Mudman and Shemage of Class 1-B activate their respective Quirks to give the Heroes the advantage against the remaining foes on the battlefield by slowing down their movements.

Tensions rise to their breaking point between Hawks and Twice.

While the battle still goes on, Hawks is shown to have restrained Twice with many of his feathers inside the crumbling mansion. Hawks reveals the reason how he managed to message the Heroes the location of the hideout while destroying the trackers attached to his wings. Hawks also mentions that he had to keep on eye on the sheer numbers of villains there and Twice due to Double's dangerous potential. He continues to reveal how easy it was just getting Twice to trust him, and that he intends to turn the masked villain in once the war is over.

Twice starts remembering his experiences of betrayal from those he trusted, namely when he brought Overhaul to the hideout and how the encounter led to the death of Magne and Mr. Compress losing his left arm. Upon remembering these horrible memories, Twice realizes his huge mistake of trusting others so easily and starts breaking down emotionally, tearfully stating that once again his trusting of others leads to dire consequences for him and the League. Twice admits to Hawks the reason he trusted him was due to feeling sympathetic to the latter's goal of wanting to live in a free society, and that it's sad if nobody trusts you. Hawks thanks Twice and tells him that after he pays for his crimes, he can make a fresh start and start over, even offering to help him get back on his feet. Hawks tells Twice the reason why is "'re a good person".

Dabi realizes that Hawks is a traitor.

Upon hearing those words, Twice starts lashing out at Hawks with rage and anger, disregarding his statements. Twice tells the Winged Hero that he doesn't care about the whole system anymore and admits his hatred of heroes. Hawks attempts to reason with Twice but the latter refuses to let anyone take advantage of his kind nature ever again. Twice then unleashes his Super Move "Sad Man's Parade" and prepares to fight Hawks for the sake of ensuring the League's happiness. Hawks sighs solemnly as he reluctantly readies himself to fight the person he considered a "good friend". Twice lets out an enraged scream as their battle begins.

Meanwhile, Dabi heads straight towards their location with a sinister grin on his face, knowing that Hawks was the traitor of the organization all along. Dabi inner monologues to Twice that it wasn't his fault, rather it's the scummy heroes are the ones to blame.

Chapter Notes

  • The Heroes cut off all communication and escape routes of the Gunga Mountain Villa, making the mansion the only exit point.
  • Twice and Hawks engage in battle, despite the latter's reluctance.
  • Dabi heads towards where Hawks and Twice are located, knowing the former's betrayal.

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