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I Wanna Be with You Guys!! ( (みんな) といたいよー!!! Min'na to Itaiyō!!!?) is the two hundred and sixty-third chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Hanta tells Minoru to get up, but he retorts by saying that the rear guard's job is to catch anyone that slips past the front line, so getting pumped up would be an insult to the Pro Heroes, but Hanta tells him again. Nirengeki notices one of the Heroes saying that it has begun, and Minoru responds with shock that he said that so casually.

Representing Class 1-A well, Denki absorbs the enemy's electric attack.

Kyoka learns that the enemy is on the move using her Quirk and the Hero tells everyone that while this operation has brought Heroes together on an unprecedented scale, it is no reason to relax, because they need everyone present to help with the massive threat they are about to face. Kyoka says that she isn't too worried about Fumikage, but is more concerned for Denki, though Momo reassures her that he will be fine.

Denki, however, yells that he wants to be with his friends rather than on the front lines with several other Heroes, but Midnight tells him he knew what he was getting into. She also adds that they need his Quirk, and to think of this position as helping out the Heroes who don't have what it takes. Denki strongly disagrees with this statement, but Fumikage speaks up and tells Denki that when they were practicing together with the guitar for the School Festival, he found him amazing. Denki initially thinks he is talking about his guitar skills but Fumikage tries to explain himself before Cementoss uses his Quirk to tear open the Paranormal Liberation Front's mansion.

Skeptic, who notices this, yells that the conference is canceled and to warn the assembly hall. He also yells for the Violet and Black Regiments to move to the front entrance while Brown goes to back them up and Carmine goes to the assembly hall. One person with a noticeable scar on his forehead tells Skeptic that the Heroes got them good, so they should shake things up a notch.

The scarred villain steps forward and says that this attack is a result of them waiting for Tomura, so they should just get the whole thing started: The Liberation Revolution. Edgeshot yells to let no one escape because they're well trained and ready to give their lives to their cause and to let one escape could lead to them terrorizing other places, which is why they must fight back. Midnight comforts a still nervous Denki by saying that if he can't focus on random people elsewhere, he can think of the person who matters the most to him. Denki turns around and looks behind him, stating internally that he wants to be with all of his friends, especially Kyoka. Kyoka then hopes for him to complete the mission quickly and safely.

Hawks corners Twice with his Feather Blades.

The person declares that their numbers are insignificant because he will unleash his Amplivolt current at full power. Fumikage watches Denki charge forward and thinks back to when they practiced together, how he hurt himself strumming the guitar and he offered for the two of them to take a break. Denki said they should keep going a little longer because he wants to help out Kyoka anyway he can with his performance. From this statement, Fumikage deduces that Denki is a man who cares deeply for his friends from the bottom of his heart.

The person unleashes a move called Supreme Discharge: Thundernet on to the Heroes, but to his shock, his electricity is absorbed by Denki, who yells that they need to mop up all the others so the one's left behind doesn't need to worry. In another room, Hawks corners a confused Twice with his feathers. Twice expresses disbelief over why Hawks would betray the organization, with the latter showing no signs of hospitality.

Chapter Notes

  • The Heroes launch their attack on the Gunga Mountain Villa.
  • It is revealed that Denki can use his Quirk as a lightning rod.
  • Hawks confronts Twice.

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