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Mirko, the No. 5 Hero (No. (ナンバー) 5 (ファイブ) のミルコさん Nanbā Faibu no Miruko-san?) is the two hundred and sixty-second chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Crust and several other Heroes are blocked by a large High-End Nomu, who complains about how cramped the space is. Crust tells the others that they must continue on because there are more High-Ends up ahead with Mirko, so they must help her. Crust increases the protrusions on his arms to pierce the Nomu as his Quirk is revealed to be called Shield, which allows him to produce shield-like protrusions from anywhere on his body. However, the Nomu resists the attack, claiming it won't be enough.

The High-Ends are unleashed on the invading Heroes.

An explanation of Nomu is given: they are corpses remodeled to possess multiple Quirks and they can only respond to their programming rather than think for themselves. They are also placed in Low, Middle, and High-Tier categories depending on how many Quirks they have and their physical enhancements. While those in the upper tier are as strong as ten average people combined, the High-Ends are superior for they can think to an extent and possess the personality traits of their host bodies.

Kyudai Garaki, as he types away at his computer, complains at how he selected the most battle-crazed villains and that preparing those candidates took a lot of time and effort. He says that artificially transplanting Quirks into a person's body requires complex surgery and takes at least three months to fully integrate into the body, and without All For One, High-End production is very tough. He also says that at this point, "Woman" and four others barely had any sort of trial run. He apologizes for the unfinished ones he released for cutting them like this, but he needs the time, especially with both Johnny and Mocha dead as he can't escape without them, and Tomura Shigaraki is only at 71% power.

Mirko goes all out against the High-Ends.

Mirko manages to pick out where Kyudai is hiding with her rabbit ears. The High-Ends are surprised she survived their attack and she explains that she used her legs to cancel the impact when she hit the containers. She jumps out and lands behind them as her Quirk is revealed to be called Rabbit, which gives her the abilities of a rabbit. She immediately heads for Kyudai's location, but the High-Ends intercept her. She uses a Super Move called Luna Ring to blow away the Nomus but one of them rips off her left arm using some kind of portal Quirk. She smashes a Nomu with Luna Fall before charging at the Nomu that took her arm, who is surprised by how she charged in so dauntlessly. She tells the Nomu as she lands on his shoulders that people like him only fight at a distance, never close. The Nomu tells her to die but she tells him only when she's ready, and uses Luna Tijeras to rip off the Nomu's head, killing it.

After she uses her hair to stabilize her severed arm, she tells the Nomus that since their heads are their weak spots, she'll aim for them. She also says that she lives her life everyday like there's no tomorrow for her so when it's time for her to die, she'll have no regrets, and the Nomu will not be the end of her.

Back at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Skeptic is freaking out over how the Heroes have started attacking them and frantically searches for Twice, blaming him for what's happening. He thinks about how it was possible Hawks was able to deceive him when he had kept such a sharp eye on him and checking for anything suspicious, though he insists that Twice is still at fault. He yells to the other members that the Heroes are attacking as the mansion gets cracked in the middle.

Chapter Notes

  • Mirko takes on the High-Ends Doctor Garaki released to buy him some time.
    • One of the High-Ends is named "Woman".
    • She manages to dissipate one of the High-End's heads while losing her left arm.
    • Tomura is revealed to be currently 71% complete for his power boost upgrade.
  • Crust and Mirko's Quirks are revealed to be named Shield and Rabbit respectively.
  • Skeptic realizes that the Heroes are already planning to attack the Paranormal Liberation Front directly, resulting in him activating the defenses for the invasion.

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