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Life's Work ( (じん) (せい) (すべ) Jinsei no Subete?) is the two hundred and sixtieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


A terrified Kyudai tries to escape from Heroes.

Kyudai is aghast at the unexpected appearance of the heroes. He tries to flee but trips on Eraser Head's Capturing Weapon as the hero uses his Quirk on him. Endeavor notices him growing older, suggesting that there were discrepancies in the Quirk registry because he appears to have one. Naomasa supposes it's the secret behind All For One's longevity. He also notes that the Quirks they have seen, such as Super Regeneration, seem "rare", and perhaps those Quirks were either replicated or created artificially to help All For One.

Present Mic flips Kyudai over onto his back, angrily demanding he answer why he's using his powers for evil. Two doctors, who were watching, come in and push Present Mic away, wanting to know what it is he's done wrong. Naomasa and another Hero escort the two doctors away as Mandalay says they have evacuated everyone from the Hospital and are ready to fight the Nomu. Mirko, who's making her way to the morgue, suggests they could secure the place without a fight since the Nomu move on command and they have captured the one giving the commands. Eraser Head tells Kyudai that they will take away everything from him just like how he took so many innocent lives away with his experiments. Kyudai tries to plea innocence as Mirko tells Endeavor the Nomu are mobilizing.

Mirko breaks into the secret lab, slamming a door on Johnny.

Several Nomu tear through the floor, with one of them with drill arms tearing into Kyudai's arm. Kyudai starts melting, revealing himself to be a clone created by Twice, and that Eraser Head's Quirk won't affect his creations. He also said that if they knew about his replication skills, they would have taken more precautions. The real Kyudai is revealed to be in his laboratory watching over Tomura Shigaraki's process. As he starts gathering supplies, he thinks about how hard he worked cultivating so many Quirks, and how this hospital had everything he needs to complete his life's work. He tells Johnny to prepare to warp him and Tomura away.

Just then, Mirko charges in, knocking over a door that falls on Johnny and crushes him. Mirko asks if he is the real deal to which he reacts with horror.

Chapter Notes

  • Doctor Garaki is revealed to have a similar Longevity Quirk as All For One.
  • Mirko manages to locate the Doctor's laboratory with Tomura reaching the final stages of his power boost.
    • Johnny appears to be destroyed by Mirko who slammed a door on him.

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