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Chase Down the Leader ( () () われる () Tate Owareru Mi?) is the twenty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The Obstacle Race is in its final stage: the Land Mine Field. Izuku has blasted himself ahead of the lead, overtaking them and putting himself in the lead. Katsuki and Shoto immediately run to catch up to Izuku and almost overtake him. However, at the last moment, Izuku uses the metal sheet to hit the mines on the ground and blow himself ahead of them. Izuku runs ahead to the finish line and crosses it, placing first, much to All Might and Izuku's happiness. Shoto and Katsuki place second and third respectively. Soon, the other students cross the finish line as well.

Midnight states that the 42 students at the top have earned the right to advance while the other students have failed. She announces the second event of the Sports Festival: The Human Cavalry Battle. The top 42 students each form a team of 2 to 4 for this event and earn points by grabbing headbands from the other teams. The number of points each student's headband is worth is dependent on their placement in the Obstacle Race, and Izuku, having placed 1st will have a headband worth 10 million points. Giving the chance for even the last ranking student to reach the top.

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