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Goodbye to Dad (パパにさよなら Papa ni Sayonara?) is the twenty-fifth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.



As Knuckleduster falls backward to the floor, he thinks of the steps that will come before he dies from the shock to his heart. He realizes that the bee must have pumped Kuin Hachisuka with a sample, giving her an electric quirk. Knuckle smiles as he thinks of how clever his daughter is. Kuin rubs her damaged arm which was hurt by the shock, and tells her father that she'll see him in hell as she walks away.

At the Marukane store's roof, the power is restored. Pop☆Step tells the crowd that the show will begin. The Feather Hats perform their remix of the Marukane Department Store Jingle, and they are greeted with great applause and cheering from the crowd.

Knuckleduster defeats Kuin.

Kuin sees that the show's power was restored and that they continued with the event, and decides that she's going to go and crash the event. Out of the darkness, Knuckleduster emerges. After getting shocked, he used his taser knuckle to defibrillate himself.

Kuin says that she will use up the body she is currently using, then move on to the next one. She then rushes towards her opponent with a swarm of genuine bomb bees, and enough voltage in her hand to kill her if she uses it.

Knuckle thinks back to the day she left, and how she ignored him and how she looked at him coldly then proceeded to walk out the door. Knuckleduster jumps up and swings at Kuin with his taser knuckle, however, he misses. The girl tries to impale him with her electric claws, but she misses and gets punched. Her father ends the fight by hitting her in the chest with his taser knuckle.

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  • This chapter was initially titled No Better Daddy (素敵なパパ Sutekina Papa?) but was changed in the tankobon release.

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