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In Their Own Quirky Ways (みんな () (せい) (てき) でいいね Min'na Kosei-teki de Īne?) is the twenty-fifth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku dodges a robot's attack, then picks up a piece of metal and waits for the robot to approach him. As the robot picks up momentum, Izuku slices its head off with the metal, not wanting to use his Quirk so early in the first phase. Izuku decides to keep the metal as a shield and runs ahead as the students (many from Class 1-A) start moving past the Villain Robots onto the next obstacle.

The Obstacle Race enters its second stage: The Fall, a canyon that must be trekked by walking on ropes. Meanwhile, Shoto, who is in the lead, has already finished trekking across The Fall and runs to face the final obstacle: The Land Mine Field. Many students start crossing the Fall, including Katsuki, who almost effortlessly gets across the entire obstacle with his Quirk. While Katsuki nears Shoto in first place, Izuku has nearly finished crossing The Fall. The massive advantage Shoto had near the start of the race begins to curtail due to him having to carefully cross the Land Mine Field. Katsuki, because he is unaffected by explosions, blasts himself in front of Shoto, thus gaining the lead. Both still desiring first place, they proceed to have brief scuffle for the position.

Izuku has reached the final stage, but because of the time it took for him to surpass the second obstacle, Katsuki and Shoto have almost completed the Land Mine Field. Realizing that the leaders in the race are too far away to catch up on foot, Izuku hatches an idea: he places himself onto the metal shield and detonates a land mine, blasting himself into the lead.

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