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A Father-Daughter Talk (親子の会話 Oyako no Kaiwa?) is the twenty-fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Knuckleduster pursues Kuin.

Knuckleduster continues his pursuit of Kuin Hachisuka as she attempts to escape from him. Knuckleduster gets a phone call from the hospital, but he is unable to make out what they are telling him because of the bad signal his phone is receiving. He attempts to drop down from the air and catch Kuin as he lands, but she dodges and he falls to the hard asphalt of the street. Knuckleduster gets back up and tells the person on the phone that he can hear them now. The person tells him something about his wife's condition, and Knuckleduster tells them that the whole family will be there soon as he runs towards Kuin.

Back at the Marukane Department Store's roof, Pop☆Step explains to the crowd why the power went out, and that the staff are working hard to restore it. She then introduces herself to the audience. Pop instructs those with glow-sticks and assorted light-up goods to line up at the edge of the crowd, and for the rest of the audience to move a bit towards the stage to make a path. She tells the gathering of people that they have time to go to the bathroom before the main event, and that in the mean time she will perform a few songs. Miu & Yu note that she did some slick work on the stage. They also mention that she was as lame as ever, but kind of cute.

Kuin lands a hit on Knuckleduster.

On the street below, Eraser Head sits down next to Teruo Unagisawa. Eraser hears cheering coming from the show and realizes that they didn't cancel the event. Teruo squirms and mutters, "Pop..." Eraser Head remembers who Pop is, and asks Teruo is he's a fan. He tells the villain that he can go see her next show. Suddenly, Eraser notices a bee with a syringe plunged into Teruo. He smacks it away with his bonds, and notices how it was sucking something.

Knuckleduster backs Kuin into an alleyway. Multiple bees inject trigger in her, making the bee's mission no longer the priority, and prioritizing the feelings of the host: Tamao Oguro. Her nails become sharper, almost like claws. Tamao thinks back to her past, and how she had frequent issues with her father. She yells at Knuckleduster to stop pissing her off. He pulls out his taser knuckle and puts it on his right hand. A bee pumps the liquid in its syringe into Tamao's neck as she dashes towards the masked vigilante. She plunges the claws of her right hand's index and middle fingers into the old man's heart, and gives him a strong electric shock.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Dear Old Dad (クソオヤジ Kuso Oyaji?) but was changed in the tankobon release.

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